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    IP banned just for having a clan tag in name?

    Was on EUHELDEN thiis morning and having a ball (I work nights). Our side was just about to win when me and a few others got permanently IP banned. When I asked why we were banned I was told that I was recruiting. Which never happened. They told me clans are not allowed on their server. So...
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    Where can we DL all the new maps?

    I am looking for one of the new maps called Orel_152mm (?) or such so I can download it. I frequently go to but that page seems to have only one map added every three months or so. Is there a web site that has the latest 3rd party maps to download? hasn't...
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    Free HL2 for ATI owners?

    I got the invitation through STEAM for a free copy of HL2 Deathmatch and HL2 Lost Coast SPG for ATI owners. Now I have a question that puzzles me. Why does Lost Coast not progress past the first level? It appears to be more of a tech demo than anything else. I know for a fact that is is...
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    Voice Coms Kill my USB Keyboard

    Hey guys, I have this really strange affliction since I started using voice comms in ROOST again. It seems that if I push down on my "scroll lock" key for too long (to talk to my team mates), this causes my USB keyboard to stop functioning. Sometimes it will start working on it's own...
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    Exit RO and my desktop resolution changes

    Anybody have this problem. On occasion, when I exit ROOST after playing for a while I will find that my Windows Desktop resolution won't chage back to 1024x768. It stays at the higher resolution that I run ROOST at. I thought this might be an ATi driver issue but ROOST is the only game...
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    Questions and Opinions about Orel tank map tactics

    Have a question for you Orel guys: Is it considered bad form to arty a last remaining (indestructible) bridge when playing this map? Reason I ask is because I was berated for doing just that the other night on a 88vs76 map. Admin was a real jerk about it when I tried to explain the tactic...
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    Must reconnect on every map change

    Anybody else get this? Every time there is a map change I have to hit F10 and reconnect, otherwise I get a connection failure message. I can play the game fine but I have to do this on every single map swap and it's getting old. :mad: Did not have to do this prior to last patch IIRC.
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    Do you want developers to FORCE teaming up in Tanks?

    This would kill gameplay on the Tank Map Only Servers IMHO. Vote your preferences.
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    Tank Delay Seat Change Poll

    Do you want the developers to implement a time delay when switching seats in vehicles or leave the it as is?
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    connection failure?

    Been playing retail box version just fine for about two days and now this afternoon I get a connectin failure message on all servers. Not only that but when I try to exit the game I also get the "connection failure" message. So the only way to shut the game down is to do the old...
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    Where are the cool nade explosion animations?

    I have boxed retail version and noticed that grenades simply show a puff of black smoke. I thought I saw burning shrapnel animations on the beta demo movie when it came out. Am I seeing things or are my graphics settings just messed up?
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    Retail box version on C drive only?

    Just got retail box version and it does not give me the option to instal on my d drive. Is this by design? I prefer to keep all my games on d drive and apps and data on c drive. Is there a way around this or am i doing something wrong?
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    Please post your retail box findings (merged)

    I will be looking for the two retail box copies of ROOST tomorrow and hope to have them in my hot little hands by this Saturday. Could anybody who finds a retail box copy please post which retailer has them to save me from driving or phoning all over the place? Thanks. :D
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    Please post Box Version Sighting ASAP

    I will be hunting for the boxed version of ROOST tomorrow (Thurs) so would appreciate it if folks would post where (which retailer) and when they see the boxed version available. It's supposed to be out end of this week so I hope to have two boxes in my hot little hands by Friday or this Sat...