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    kill message

    So does anyone like the new kill message system where it shows your name in white? Personally i cant stand it. i seem to be missing a lot of the tks i do. Getting kicked from servers with a 6 tk limit when i think i have only killed once or twice and they were forgivin.
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    Forum server too busy?

    The last week or so i have been having a ton of trouble posting or even reading threads on the RO forums. Sometimes need to try ten or fifteen trys before it works. Been getting a message that says server is too busy try again later. Or sometimes it just goes to a blank page or back to the main...
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    So Smoke has been in the game for a while now. How does everyone use it? or think it should be used? When you throw the smoke what do you think about? what do you use it for? Personally i use it to basicly set up a wall. I throw it between where we need to go and where the enemy is. I never...
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    Out of bordom i was looking up the bt7 online but havnt found much of any info at all. But from what i have seen the one in the game is about 10kmh too slow. But anyway anyone know a good site to look up info on this tank? And can anyone guess why it can destroy tanks in one hit but not a half...
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    Odd stuff

    Anyone else noticed how much really odd stuff has been left in the game that really should of been changed long ago or never made it into the game in the first place. Im talking about minor bugs or annoyances. Like barashaka the german infantry spawn half track. you get in the half track...
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    ogeldow spawn

    Ok this isnt a big change but it would make a world of difference. Simply moving all the german infantry spawn to one spot and all the half tracks to that spot. Seems like whenever i play infantry on the map the half tracks from that spawn are missing but the ones across the map on the other...
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    Tank sounds

    Im sure this has been mentioned before but i havnt seen it around for a while. But the volume of tanks needs to be looked into. Right now a tank can blind side you when you run around the corner of a building. without you hearing it at all. Tanks should be very loud and annoying. But only while...
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    Practice mode

    Im looking for a way to run the practice mode with a lot of bots on the other team and none on mine. Want to be totaly alone vs like 20-30 bots. Can this be done? Would be good target practice with some of the guns i use less often.
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    kicked to make room

    Is it just me or when a server admin or anyone that has a reserved slot joins a full server does it always kick the person with the highest score? Is this a option? Seems like every time im doing really well i get kicked from a server to make room for someone. Shouldnt it be a random person that...
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    Do you trust VAC?

    Ok just a quick simple question here. Do you trust VAC to keep cheaters out? Personaly i Havnt seen anyone i thought was cheating in just over a year now. A few people that like to exploit bugs but thats about it. But... I get called a cheat or a hacker Almost every day i play. It happens...
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    Pretty sure we cant do this already so heres my idea and if there is some trick to do it let me know. screenshots save as bmp files pretty much a evil worthless file that takes up way too much space. Is there a way or can one be added to save them as jpegs? just so they save at a fraction of...
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    Ok right now with bolt action rifles you just tap the fire button a second time to chamber the next round. or work the bolt whatever you want to call it. How about a way to be able to bind that to a seperate key. It would add a good chunk of realism into the game for bolt action rifles unless...
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    Score page

    Right now the score page is really basic I would really like tos ee some more info on it. Anything extra would be nice but Seeing how many deaths everyone has had would be kinda neat. I dont think the way the score works should be changed at all Keeping caps worth the same points as kills gets...
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    Idle kick

    Right now i think the max the server setting for idle kick can be is 5 min. This is short enough to kick some MGers or someone that just got up to get the phone or something like that. so alot of servers dont use it. I think the idle kick should be able to set for 20 min or more. that way we...
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    Clipping update?

    So with this next patch or any patch after it is there a fix expected for the way clipping works? Or more directly the way the bullet comes out of your helmet and not your gun. Really hurts realism when your shot by a single pixel and see the flash of the gun comming from through a wall...
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    kill ratio/death count

    So in RO we have no way to see how many times we have died or what our kill ratio is. I think for some people this means they dont care how often they die. I bet if something like this was added in more people would try harder to stay alive just because of pride. if they are only killing one...
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    leg shot

    We have all been shot in the leg in the game and came to a full out dead stop while still standing. This has to be one of the least realistic features in the game. I think something needs to be changed. Maybe make it so it slows you down only 50%? not the 99% or whatever it does now. or... it...
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    bayonets are they realistic?

    Recently i have been using the rifles with the bayonet more then normal and i started to realize just how unrealistic they seem to be. First of all you need to hold it down for a few seconds to do any real damage. That alone is just wrong. Stabing this big knife into someone isnt going to...
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    AFK players

    Ok has anyone noticed these people that join a server join a team then never pick a class so they dont spawn but they take up server slots. Lately i have been seeing a few of these late at night that stay on servers through mulitple maps they always join a team but never pick a class so they are...
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    Ok right now we always start with a set amount of ammo and thats all fine and good but we cant pick up more ammo unless we use up some of that ammo that we started with. I would love to see it so we could pick up extra ammo. Say if i have a mp40 and i have reloaded it before emptying any of the...