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    The Best Sound Pack Ever

    For Team Fortress 2 YouTube - British Soldier Soundpack Download Here Soldier.rar
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    Battlegrounds 2

    An American Revolution/War of Independence mod for half life 2. The original was a mod for half life 1. Most servers run deathmatch/territories style games which are fun by themselves. A few servers run line battles, IMO the best way to play. Be warned, the player models are the scariest I've...
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    Tank Aces...

    We all have heard of the famous German tank aces. What about the great tankers of other nations? American, Russian, British, Italian, Romanian, etc... Names of the "aces", nationalities, kills, etc would be appreciated.
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    AT Gun protection plates...

    Silly question, buy about how thick are they on average?
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    Help! EH_M43_Tex Verion mismatch!

    Seriously, whats up with all this? I have the latest version, but some servers still say this! Some servers start downloading other versions when I join, but then I still cant play and none of the other servers will work either! Which version should I get and which version should I play...
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    Random Artillery

    What's to be done about random artillery? I say get rid of it!:mad: Edit: I tried to post a poll, but apparently I wasn't fast enough, sorry.
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    Favorite Bolt?

    What bolt family is your favorite? Personaly, I like the m38 in urban battle, and the k98 at range.
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    RO Western?

    I recently played some of half life 2's fist full of frags mod and I was quite impressed. As long as we have joke/fun maps like those race maps and bayonet only fights, we could have wild west RO. Like the pistol only danzig, but maybee throw in a rifleman or two with a rifle modded to hold...
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    We Need You, Armored Beasts!

    I heard recently that armored beasts is no longer developing. It's a sad time for RO when a team responsible for such a great mutator lays the project to rest because a few whiners complained about "UBAR G4eRMN TANXZ$R!!!" or how "weak" the PTRD was. Don't be discouraged, you can't please...
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    Anyone modeling single weapons?

    I am relatively new to the forums and I am not sure how I would find this with the search feature, so I'll ask here. Is anyone creating infantry weapons for RO? I know that there are weapons planned in mods, but I see people creating new content like vehicles and AT guns independent of these...
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    Has anyone ever surrendered in a game of red orchestra, dropped their weapon, and been taken POW? This seems like it would work. The prisoner would be surrendering to make an otherwise boring game, such as one they had no hope of winning, fun. The opposing team would benefit too, since the...
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    Fewer SMGs please!

    I have played RO for about a year now, and it has been great fun. I never joined the forums because I had Hotmail for my email. But now i have to say that there are TOO MANY SMGS! The ammount of these spam weapons is ridiculous, even with the increased player limit. It is stupid to see 8...