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    If your clan want a clanmatch, go here!

    Hi all, our clan Blitzmanner always searching for a clans who would like to play a clan match. If you have a clan, and your clan want to play versus as, add one of our clanmates or me on steam: [B-SS] Kornas_LT / kornas180 ; [B-SS] Odinson ; [B-SS] CrazyKing. Our server located in America, and...
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    Looong time to wait to join the server.

    Hi, maybe someone know the way that when im connecting into the server i can wait for less time? cuz its very boring to sit and wait till you can join the game, and only after about 3-5mins waiting you can join the server. If some1 knows, please tell me! BIG BIG THANKS.
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    Cant join to MULTIPLAYER servers

    dont know why, but when im connecting to multi servers, after connecting waiting for 10mins it shows me that: and typing Connecting.. but nothing more. try to type reconnect in console, but no answer from that. in console i can see only...