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  1. BuddyLee

    New Star Trek Trailer

    Yea(OMFGBBQ) Nae(wait for video) or just plain gay(Star Trek is for Losers)
  2. BuddyLee

    Hax, a solution?

    Having problems getting your pwn on? Maybe Hax is right for you?
  3. BuddyLee

    Labor day Weekend Sale at Evga Store 60% off.

    I just ordered 2 8800 Ultra Superclocked cards from the Evga Store. $199.99 each. If any of you guys are looking for some cheap hardware here is a link to the sale list. Enjoy. :D
  4. BuddyLee

    [Error] Critical Error

    My RO froze twice, and gave me this error, anyone know what it means?
  5. BuddyLee

    It's snowing in the Yucatan...

    I heard about this story on Coast to Coast AM the other night and laughed my *** off. It seems a Gulfstream that was previously pwnd by the CIA fell out of the sky over the Yucatan... maybe the 4 tons of coke aboard was a bit much for the old bird to handle. :eek...
  6. BuddyLee

    Different stuttering problem... C2D related?

    System Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 8600 GT 2 GB RAM. In an attempt to fix this I have gone into the BIOS and set everything to default, when the problem still persisted I followed links telling me to download some windows updates. When the problem still continues to happen I updated all my...
  7. BuddyLee

    Pentagon to Merge Next-Gen Binoculars With Soldiers' Brains
  8. BuddyLee

    Princess Leia Sex Tape. NSFW

    Well it seem that the Celebrity Sex Tape Fad has no bounds, when will all the attention whoring end? I don't know, but it seems to have made it to other Galaxies Far... Far Away.
  9. BuddyLee

    Star Wreck Trailer

    Has anyone seen this movie before? It is a sort of Comical Russian Star Trek Parody. It looks interesting, :D You can get the full movie on Google. I skimmed through to 21:30 on the video and watched the World War 3...
  10. BuddyLee

    Spiders on Drugs. . .<---
  11. BuddyLee

    Neat tribute to Audie Murphy

    A force to be reckoned with. Father, Brother, Warrior, Movie Star, Poet, my Hero.
  12. BuddyLee

    Marine Corps Penetration tests

    Neat video of various penetration tests against brick, block, and wood-frame construction. Also some cool shots of the 30mm cannon, and the SMAW Rocket. Concealment ain't exactly cover.
  13. BuddyLee

    Days of Glory

    Has anyone seen this film yet? Has it been released in Europe? If so, is it any good, because it looks promising. I doubt it will be played locally, so I may have to wait for DVD.
  14. BuddyLee

    GJ Barney Fife

    I <3 Cops.
  15. BuddyLee

    I was wondering...

    What happened to all the Hitlers, did they change their Name after the war? Surely there are people out there with the name. Do You know any Hitlers... just curious. :)
  16. BuddyLee

    The Aztec Eagles

    My Dad shared an article in "Air Classics" Magazine and I found it most interesting,so I spent some time on the WEB and found these; Reynaldo Perez Gallardo Mexican Expeditionary Air Force 201st Fighter Squadron