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  1. Private Who?

    ported or updated maps

    So far I see we've got several maps either existing or coming in from Ostfront versions in one way or another. Apartments is Danzig-ish. It's OK with 40 or less. Here recently we've gotten from Tripwire a new version of Barashka, but for my mind it's nothing like the old one. From the...
  2. Private Who?

    Liking what I'm seeing

    I like the direction ROHoS is headed in. It's been a tough slog, and I know I've done at least my share of griping. I've also done my share of saying when I thought TWI was getting it right, and I've stuck around. Not too long ago I stated in a post that ROHoS did not feel like a game that...
  3. Private Who?

    [Error] "Ambiguous package name"

    I get a weird message about perhaps an old version of the Red Assault map: Ambiguous package name: Using 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\commom\Red Orchestra 2\ROGame\CookedPC\Maps\City_scape\TE-Red_Assualt_B2.roe', not 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\commom\Red Orchestra...
  4. Private Who?

    Thanks Ramm.

    I was quite happy to see Ramm on tonight playing at 7th Cav. I spent an enjoyable hour there. That's the first time I've seen Ramm on since the beta, and I think it'd go a long way for the community and the game itself to see more [TW] tags in more servers. It's been quite a while since I'd...
  5. Private Who?

    prioritized auto-balance

    maybe this needs to be in the suggestions forum, but if so then somebody can move it. I am one of many who hate being auto-balanced. It seems to happen a lot more in this game than in ROOst, but maybe I'm wrong there. Could be a function of more players and more players dropping in & out of...
  6. Private Who?

    A few thoughts on the beta, before it closes:

    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. 1st off let me say I like the game. There's a lot about it that's better than ROOst. It has a lot of potential to have staying power. The Good: -sounds. the sounds are incredible. all of the ambient sounds, the weapon sounds...all of that are just off the hook...
  7. Private Who?

    problem at splash screen user interface

    recently whenever I fire up Killing Floor, my start screen looks like this: I have lost all the buttons for 'multi-player' 'host game' 'options' and all that. If I scroll around sometimes I hear a...
  8. Private Who?

    hardware driver advantage?

    OK so I got a new gaming mouse this weekend, and it has this feature where one left-click can be set to respond as either 1, 2, 3, or 4 round bursts. This is pretty handy I suppose with SMG's or semi-autos. BUT here's the thing with bolt-action rifles: if you set this mouse to the '2' setting...
  9. Private Who?

    all geared up & ready to go!

    OK I saved and saved and I have built a machine that will (should) run RO-2 pretty well: AMD Phenom X3 720 @ 2.8 4 gigs 1333 ram @ 8-8-8-21 1TB Seagate Baracuda HDD reused my HD3870 from my existing rig new Sony DVD SATA burner Asus mobo, 785G chipset Cooler Master 700 watt PSU Cooler Master...
  10. Private Who?

    Texas Militia & Killing Floor!

    Hey hey gang! Just thought I'd drop a thread in here about our Killing Floor server, and thanks to all the players who have helped it take off in the past month or so. We appreciate it! Stop by our NEWLY renovated website and forums at
  11. Private Who?

    Mumble & Killing Floor

    Mumble and Killing Floor do not work too well together, at least not for me. Whenever I have Mumble up and running, and then try to start Killing Floor, I get General Protection Fault errors. I shoulda copied one to post, and maybe I will later. If I start Killing Floor and THEN get into our...
  12. Private Who?

    ServerAdsSE and Killing Floor

    hi gang- I installed (or attempted to) ServerAdsSE on our Killing Floor server. I did it the same way as with RO, but it is not working. The only difference with our box is that instead of using KillingFloor.ini, we have it set up to use 'server.cfg'. But that should not adversely affect...
  13. Private Who?

    battle site dig in western Russia

    One of our members posted this at our site. These are really great pics of a WW2 battle site archeological dig somewhere in western Russia. Besides lots of little things, they found an intact DP28 and several DP28 drum mags, and what appears to be a mass grave of fallen soldiers...
  14. Private Who?

    too big for a sig, but still cool!

    OK I know this is too big to use as a sig here, but one of the guys at Texas Militia is making these for those of us there who play RO. Just part of our effort to help spread the word about the game. I think he did a good job extending the barrel of the PPsH, and the animation is pretty cool...
  15. Private Who?

    PhysX question

    I have an HD3870 gpu. We all know ATi cards do not support PhysX, and RO2 will use PhysX. But, the HD3870 is still a very good card, and I have only had mine a little over 16 months. I have seen demo videos of PhysX, so I have SOME understanding of what it is. My question is what EXACTLY...
  16. Private Who?

    New 5 Dollar players

    Just thought I'd post a thread welcoming all the new 5 Dollar Players to the wonderful world that is Red Orchestra! I know we had at least a half-dozen come through our TexasMilitia server tonight. (Hope you had fun BTW!) I'm glad to see new blood coming into the game! New players: what...
  17. Private Who?

    Texas Militia recruiting for RO:OST

    Texas Militia is a large & diverse gaming community, and one of the oldest on the internet. We have maintained servers in continuous operation since 1999, starting with DoD1.6. We have the top ranked CoD:UO No Tanks Base Assault team, in addition to a large group of players who just enjoy gaming...
  18. Private Who?

    [How Do I?] RO and xfire

    my server's name and player count is not showing up on xfire. if I ping it thru xfire, it says 'no response'. is there a port setting I do not know about keeping xfire from being able to get and display this info?
  19. Private Who?

    NEW SERVER: [TxM] Texas Militia

    Texas Militia is pleased to announce we have a new Red Orchestra server online: [TxM] Texas Militia : Infantry Only, Stock Maps, Fast Action! server ip: This 32 slot server is located in Dallas Texas, and should give excellent performance to North American players. The...
  20. Private Who?

    Any Radeon 3850 users?

    I now have a 7600GT in WinXP using a 1440x900 19" widescreen. There are alot better cards out there now for CHEAP....but after reading these forums about the 8800's I am thinking about going with this card: Asus Radeon 3850 512mb...