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  1. jackyle

    Just fired up the game for the first time in months

    Man has the game improved. There are some really good players out there, so I am going my butt kicked, but it's really so much better. Thanks for the improvements tripwire. My browser worked finally!!!
  2. jackyle

    New problem

    Hi there. Just moved so I had not played the game in about two weeks. In that time the new patch was released, and I am playing on a Wireless desktop. I used to play on a wired connection prior. I have a cable service so not much has changed there. I am also still using the same router as I...
  3. jackyle

    No load

    I have been having problems. When I try to launch RO from steam the initial screen come up, then nothing. you can see the game try to load, but it just goes right back to desk top. I am sure there is a simple fix, and wanted to see if anyone could help.
  4. jackyle

    Custom Maps

    What are the really good custom maps? I have played Orel, and it is amazing. I saw a few screens of ones that looked amazing like RO-Last Battle II, Lazur, Budapest, and a few others. Just wondering what customs others like, and if you know where some are played maybe posting the server...