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  1. jalex3

    Messages before game starts.

    So for a while now I have had to click through these screens before the games starts. I tried finding the files and removing them then verifying game cache, but after they re downloaded. I still get greeted with this. Anyone know that I should do to fix it? Thanks.
  2. jalex3

    [Question] Unzoomed iron sights

    I've noticed holding shift before you press RMB makes you go into iron sights without zoom. Is this intended?
  3. jalex3

    Compass bug

    Compass bug - YouTube Need any files?
  4. jalex3

    [Error] walking during halftime in territory

    If you keep holding w before half time, when half time comes you can walk before you are supposed to. Its not a big thing but you can start walking before the rest of your team.
  5. jalex3

    PTRD being picked up instead of as ammo when using PBZ

    Seeing as its the same gun, should it not just be picked up as ammo?
  6. jalex3

    [Error] running with granade locks zoom on

    As the title says. when I sprint with a Russian grenade it locks my in zoom. the zoom is not full like holding the shift normally, its about half as much. You need to tap shift or change to a gun and go into iron sights to get out. I assume its a bug since no other weapons go and stay zoomed...
  7. jalex3

    Options to split multiple controls from one key.

    I am finding some keys doing multiple things a pain, I'd love to be able to split them up. On that is really a pain is (zoom/sprint) I want to set zoom to mb4. The thing is even if you disable zoom on sprint key, you still cant set zoom to another key.
  8. jalex3

    [Error] Getting stuck on spawn

    I remember this was an issue, but I thought it was fixed. I cant move, look or shoot when I spawn even in tanks. I can through grenades and check ammo that about all. Any ideas?
  9. jalex3

    Assortment of nice additions

    A few ideas I would like to see added in, A way of turning on/off all taverns and training. it be comes imposable to manage on huge levels. A home icon to get back to main base. more zoom out and maybe some sort of popup mini map just to click roughly the position you want to go. I know...
  10. jalex3

    home button

    maybe I am blind but I can see a home button any place? is there one.. if not I'd like to see one added. bing far away from the town hall and trying to get back is not fun.
  11. jalex3

    dlc skin idea: old hobo

    As the title suggest, I thing a hobo wearing a old cardboard box with rope suspenders would be good in the next dlc. Maybe he can be baddest santas buddy that could not even get a job as a store santa :D
  12. jalex3

    Running animations (2 hands 1 hand)

    Ok so i was just rewatching some hos gameplay and thought, russians run with the gun in both hands so if for example a russian picks up a mp40 what will the 3rd person animation look like? I hope they use both hand because otherwise they are likely to get TK'd since other russians will think...
  13. jalex3

    ideas on how a MEDIC class may work

    this is this a post to get some talk about how a medic class could be implemented. my ideas are, spawns with a pistol, 5 medkits, 5 spare bandages. medkits can be used to save people in slow death it wouls leave them with half health and some sort of physical movement or aiming difficulty...
  14. jalex3

    Ideas for ROhos special edition

    i just had an idea for what a special edition of the game could have, for the steam version. it could have a little wepoan history section with history on the guns and tanks (production history and so on), also stats like clips size, caliber, rate of fire. old photographs and such would be...