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  1. nd2spd

    KF Why aren't weapon descriptions displayed?

    System\ is chock full of interesting and detailed weapon descriptions, but for the life of me I have never seen them displayed anywhere in-game. :confused: You would think that when selecting a weapon in the trader it would appear in the large text box in the lower part of the screen...
  2. nd2spd

    KF Play as lvl -1 medic

    This is a simple guide to playing as level negative 1 medic. :) Open system\user.ini Find the line SelectedVeterancy=Class'some perk you've chosen' Replace it with SelectedVeterancy=None Save & close. The next time you run Killing Floor and host a listen server, or play solo (no...
  3. nd2spd

    KF Help me improve loading screen hints

    The other day I encountered a couple of modifications on the steam workshop that modified, in order to change weapon names in the trader menu and HUD. I've spent the past few days making my own little tweaks to the file for my own personal taste as I know some of you have done. As I...
  4. nd2spd

    KF The KF Trading Card Thread

    A little place for those interested in KF steam trading cards to make trades. Try to have all trades involve the Killing Floor cards or badge unlocks please, we are in the Killing Floor sub-forum after all. :)
  5. nd2spd

    KF Killing Floor now has steam trading cards

    Bigger image: What does everyone think? :D
  6. nd2spd

    White ChickenNator Skin

    A white ChickenNator skin that replaces your standard ChickenNator skin. The workshop version is client-side. I created this because I saw FistMaster's white CommandoChicken skin ( and felt that a white chicken skin would be better suited for...