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  1. SiC-Disaster

    Wrack Starfall Kickstarter

    Some of you might remember that one of my friends made a game called Wrack, an oldschool FPS that was compared a lot with Doom, but which also had a lot of influences from games like Megaman which were sadly a little overlooked. The game did pretty well for an indie studio, but now they need...
  2. SiC-Disaster

    Trying my hand at commentary videos

    So I have a bit too much time on my hands at the moment, so I figured I would try my hand at commentated videos. This is my first ever attempt at one: a 2016 review of ArmA 3. There are a few buggy moments of sound in there, but unfortunately they...
  3. SiC-Disaster

    Frisian film: 'De F

    About two months ago I started a translation project for the Frisian movie 'De F
  4. SiC-Disaster

    Looking for first hand accounts of WW1

    As the title says, I'm looking for war diaries and other first hand accounts from World War 1. I'm currently trying to write a novel about WW1, and the more information I can get the better, as I want to make it as authentic as possible. As I'm currently traveling, I would prefer to get an ebook...
  5. SiC-Disaster

    A short story by me

    If you've got some time to waste, I've recently found a short story I wrote a few years ago. I decided to use it and put it on my blog after rewriting parts of it in better English. Please let me know what you think, either here or on the comments on the blog itself...
  6. SiC-Disaster

    Money, Guilt and the Machine - Alan Watts

    I just finished uploading a video of Alan Watts to my Youtube channel, for which I translated the original English subtitles into Dutch, having both as an option. I think the video touches on a very true idea that I would love to see happen, and therefor I wanted it on my channel. It's about a...
  7. SiC-Disaster

    Door Kickers

    So a new game was released as alpha a few days ago, called Door Kickers. It is basically a mash-up between the planning phase of the oldschool Rainbow Six games and Frozen Synapse, so if you enjoyed those games you might enjoy this as well. There are still a few issues at the moment (for...
  8. SiC-Disaster

    Wrack - an oldschool shooter

    So this game is a bit unusual for me to post about but one of my friends is involved with making the game. Specifically, he is responsible for all the ingame art stuff, textures etc. and I did some playtesting for it as well :) The game is currently being worked on by two guys and a third guy...
  9. SiC-Disaster

    My new blog

    Hey guys, I just started a new blog last week. It's supposed to be a traveling blog (which might still take a while to start) but I decided to go ahead and created one right now. Last week I visited Auschwitz, and I wrote a blogpost about it. I think it's very important to keep alive the memory...
  10. SiC-Disaster

    Dear Esther

    Looks awesome. I like the world design a lot, atmosphere seems great, and the story telling seems very promising. I like the bit he says in the trailer. Dear Esther - Official Trailer - YouTube Website here: Definitely looks like this game outclasses every other...
  11. SiC-Disaster

    RO2 SDK content browser locks up pc when typing

    The title says it all really. Whenever I open up the content browser and start typing to find something the SDK completely freezes up and almost completely locks down my computer. Is anybody else having this issue?
  12. SiC-Disaster

    what amount of patches do I need?

    So I want to create a map based on my home town, with a 1:1 scale. I measured the length and height of what I need for the map, which comes down to 3048 m x 2743m, or 10.000 ft x 9000 ft. total. The actual playing area comes down to 6000 ft x 4500 ft. or 1829 x 1372m. When you are creating a...
  13. SiC-Disaster

    [Game] Gunpoint

    Just found out about this game, and it looks quite awesome. In basics you have to infiltrate high security buildings, and to do so you can jump through windows, rewire electrical circuits etc. Some of the solutions in this video are hilarious, like the moment where a lightswitch got rewired to...
  14. SiC-Disaster

    My hitchhiking trip in Sweden

    Well a few weeks back I was in Sweden to do some hitchhiking. I had planned to meet a friend who cancelled at the very last minute (literally, I was at the point of stepping out of the house) but decided I should go on anyway. I felt really crappy on the boat to Sweden but ended up having a...
  15. SiC-Disaster

    New Humble Bundle

    And it seems like a sweet deal: Darwinia, Multiwinia, Defcon and others! ^^ The Humble Introversion Bundle - YouTube
  16. SiC-Disaster

    No more room in hell

    Just saw this on Rock Paper Shotgun, and it looks very, very impressive. Finally a zombie mod on Source that seems to have more going on than 'create random map, add zombies, shoot them'. And finally some proper Romero-styled zombies too, shambling around in groups! No More Room in Hell...
  17. SiC-Disaster

    More historical loadouts for Realism mode

    Alright, so there have been many discussions going on about various things. The two most prominent (apart from bugs etc) that come to my mind are the overpresence of the AVT and MKB weapons, and that Full Realism and Relaxed Realism are not very different from one another except for some HUD...
  18. SiC-Disaster

    Something RO2 does really well

    Something RO2 does really well for me is capturing a bit of emotion, something which most games never manage to do, even in Single Player. RO even manages that in multiplayer sometimes. Say what you will of some of the voice overs, there are some great things in here. Last night i was on...
  19. SiC-Disaster

    Tangodown Red Orchestra 2 Beta Hands-on preview

    First of all, i'd like to thank TWI for allowing me to do this. I have been playing the beta for a while now and asked if i could do a bit of a preview on the game for (which owns too), as well as include a couple of screenshots, so here it is :) Read it here...
  20. SiC-Disaster

    [Game] Project Zomboid

    I just got this game because after reading an article on RockPaperShotgun i became very, very interested in the possibilities. It's just pre-alpha but already it is very interesting to play. Now i have tried it out and i have to say it is quite awesome! The premise of the game is this: It's a...