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  1. Uffz.Germanski

    Own Player Class for Stg44 and MPi40

    I think the Stg44 need a own Class, because everyone who can choose between the MPi40 and Stg44 will take the Stg44 (99%) so nobody use the MPi40 than on late war maps.
  2. Uffz.Germanski

    Where are the player?

    Where are the player for RO, everytime when i am looking in my Serverlist i only see max. 50 Server, but only 5 of them are playable, because it has enough player, a good map and a normal ping. I know that RO isn't the same like CS, but RO is much better than it, and RO is much better than the...
  3. Uffz.Germanski

    Whats about a full 1st Person View?

    Is it possible to create a complete 1st Person view for RO:Ost? Im mean than if u look down i will be able to see my boots, or my legs. I haven't seen something like that in no other game before. And now i am asking me why not? I think that will give much more realism. And if you don't watch...
  4. Uffz.Germanski

    More Sniper Equipment

    I think the sniper needs a binocular as well, because snipers are elite units in the army and they have all they need for their mission - except for the binoculars. Sometimes you need the binocs to observe an area before you switch to your rifle to shoot. It would also be nice if the snipers...
  5. Uffz.Germanski

    My Greatest Wishes (Dreams) For A Big RO Update

    3th Person damaged for Tanks -u can see from outside that the Tank chain is destroyed look around with MG-Gunners - it would be nice if MG-Gunners from the Sd.Kfz 251 can scroll away from the MG34, so that they can look arround, because u need a observer in this vehicle, than if u can't see...