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    Physical Memory Dump

    around every second time i start the game, i get this blue screen(NOT BSOD) that says a bunch of **** about a Physical Memory Dump, and other stuff i will try to get a Screenshot of it later
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    French in WWII

    What was the name of the wall of guns the french had that was supposed to defend France? I just want to check into it because my teacher mentioned it today
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    All of A sudden

    My FPS has dropped a ton from like 45 to 10ish I don' tknow why, and it is making me mad
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    Tank Tips!

    What are some good ones for guys that aren't as good on a tank. What is better to shoot at what places of the Other tanks(like HE and AP rounds, and like the Tracks and stuff) i thought it might be a good thread, and i searcched and never found anything about it
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    Pre Caching For Load Times

    Where do i find this? i know it has been posted before, but none of the times i looked at really gave a full answer, so can you please help me?
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    COD2 patch (merged)

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    Baksan Valley?

    Baksan Valley? not the Game, but more about this placce in the War, i haVe hiked there, and it is very beautiful and such, but it looked liek it would be so devastating to fight there in the war
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    Question for history report

    Were there such things as the ski soldiers used in the Winter War, in the eastern front?
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    Whats next for the makers of RO?

    after this game. i know its a long way to thing ahead, but what do you think the next step will be? The same game on a new engine? A westernfront? Just asking oppinions and such since i have nothing better to do on a friday night with a broken leg
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    This game of the source engine

    i know it is a pointless thread really but this game could be so amazing if it retained teh blown up look, not the fresh outta teh dryer uniforms and worlds
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    I dunno if its possible, but is there any way to maybe get this game on TV commercials? because unless you stuble upon it like i did on this site, not many people will notice it And i don't care if you guys call all the people who never played the Mod uber noobs or anything, because alot of the...
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    Will my Video card be enough

    to run this with decent fps? i have an ATI Radeon X550 ithink i have a 3.00 GHz proccesor as well and what should i have my settings at for it to work well
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    Tracer Bullets

    lyke doz greEn lzrs just jokes but what is the real point of tracer bullets? is it like to aim with the windage or whatever or what? i have alwas wondered i always thinks in any of the darker maps it gives away the MG position
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    Box Edition

    Im just waiting for the box edition to come out because i like having the Box for it but Where will they come out in Canada? I phoned my walmart but the person was to retarded adn thought i was talking about classical music and my EB games store is closed for like two weeks So im just wondering...
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    Any Gameplay videos?

    I didnt see any threaeds like this and im torn between buying this i played it once but not very long really, but im wondering if anyone has gameplay videos that you could link to so i could have a better look at the gameplay