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  1. [PzDF]blinderSchakal

    Editor prob with win 7

    Hi, my editor starts normal and shows the map as usual, but as soon I go into the texture propertys or start the terrain browser all writing in the popup windows seem to be either not fiting right in that window ( I dont see all the writing, or no writing at all) or the writings are being...
  2. [PzDF]blinderSchakal

    Dekolayer not showing ingame

    Hi, well the deko layer is showing in the dynamik light window, but as soon as I test play or play the uploaded map the deko layer is gone. All files are there and all settings are on high, so I can't guess what the problem is:confused: Please help. Thanks in advance!
  3. [PzDF]blinderSchakal

    Attached movers

    Ok, I feel a little stupid for asking this, but since I don't have the mover class "Attached Mover" when I rightclick the moverbutton and I don't seem to be able to figure it out by my self, I have to spam the forum again... Sorry for that ;) I want to attach a actor class (like a pak) to a...
  4. [PzDF]blinderSchakal

    How to put a Pak 40 in a RO Map?

    Hi, I need some help with putting a Pak 40 as seen in DH in a RO Map. Every time I try to open DH Actor classes with the RO editor it collapses. I've senn these Paks in normal RO maps and I wonder how to they did that.:confused: Thanks in advance. P.S. Post didn't seem to work the first time...