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  1. esp.chory

    How to make my own webadmin?

    I wish I could show more information on the admin page and be able to provide some things. Thanks
  2. esp.chory

    Connect to server from URL?

    Why not connect to a server from a URL as steam://rungameid/1200 -connect serverip::pport?
  3. esp.chory

    [New Game Type] Search & Recovery

    The idea is as follows: (Optional) New player class: Spy, Select an enemy uniform and weapoms Star game: ---------- Defend team overview: Show x possible targets, an asset with the goal. Attack team overview: x possible targets. A member of the attacking team locates the...
  4. esp.chory

    To punch

    At times during the fight, you can drop the weapon in his hands. Then there are only two solutions, running or stopped to pick up the gun. In both the other, the soldier is totally unprotected. Why not consider the possibility of two fists?
  5. esp.chory

    I can't use RO:SDK

    I get this error. I have deleted and reinstalled Red Orchestra, but not resolved.
  6. esp.chory

    Ucc error

    My ucc.exe file not work, why? D:\steam\steamapps\common\red orchestra\System>ucc help ======================================= ucc.exe: UnrealOS execution environment Copyright 2001 Epic Games Inc ======================================= 'Core' is not a DLL package; can't find export...
  7. esp.chory

    Internet browser in game

    Why not add a tab in the interface of the game, to directly manage the server as an Internet browser?
  8. esp.chory

    Problems with server

    :(We have problems with the server. In the file logs, it appears many times Warning: ROTeamGame RO-Konigsplatz.ROTeamGame (Function ROEngine.ROTeamGame.RestartPlayer:0030) Accessed None 'aPlayer' Warning: ROTeamGame RO-Konigsplatz.ROTeamGame (Function ROEngine.ROTeamGame.RestartPlayer:0038)...
  9. esp.chory

    How I can change a vehicle texture?

    I'm making a map,but I need to change the texture of some vehicles. I have this code //============================================================================= // Chory_BA64Factory. //============================================================================= class Chory_BA64Factory...
  10. esp.chory

    New options in Webserver

    Hi, I need how to add new options/menus/frames in webserver admin interface. T.I.A.