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    Mod release dates?

    Hey does anyone know the release dates of the original RO mod's major versions? Like, when was RO Mod 1 was released? RO 2? RO 3.3? etc. Thanks.
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    A little help on Steam

    Never mind. Problem solved. Delete this please. Thanks.
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    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Have a good one, roplayers. PS. Kari from Mythbusters is HOT!
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    Beckham to play in MLS!

    Link. $50 million per year? This can't be good for the MLS. I'm not sure how they can afford him. Even if they could, there's gotta be better ways to promote soccer in the US than spending 50 mil on a single player, especially considering the financial its frailty.
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    Changing mouse sensitivty

    I added these two lines into my user.ini file: F11=Engine.PlayerInput MouseSensitivity 1.25 F12=Engine.PlayerInput MouseSensitivity 2.5 The idea was to change the mouse sensitivity to 1.25 and 2.5 when I press the F11 and F12 buttons respectively. However, it doesn't work. Help? Also, I...
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    Munk's war pics thread...

    (not funny if you don't know Kefka)
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    Controlling height while crouched

    I've been thinking about this for a while. I think the two biggest changes made from RO the mod to Ostfront are the ability to rest weapons and the leaning features. All the other changes made to tanks, nades, maps, etc, are significant, but not as important as those. Resting your weapon on a...