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  1. swampy11

    What is the procedure for this?

    I would like to buy my grand-son , who has a Steam account, RO2 or Vietnam but he lives in another city in another state. What is the procedure/steps for doing this. Thanks in advance. `swamp
  2. swampy11

    Settings Won't Save

    My fire settings, type of game, etc. have to be set each time I enter the game. It used to save, but not now. Help. Windows 10/64 Thanks in advance `swamp
  3. swampy11

    OS Update

    It's time for the old swamper to leave XP behind and modernize my whole computer and OS. Basically, I only play RO2/Rising Storm. I am planning to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, and was wonder if there are issues here in the community about 64 bit Windows 10 running RO2? Thanks in...
  4. swampy11

    RO2 Upgrading????

    Well, it's time to leave XP so my first question is, and I only play RO2, should I jump to Win 7 or Win 10? Which is best for this game? Next question, should I increase to 8 meg of memory or go to 16. Or, is 16 really an overkill for Stalingrad? Thanks in advance. `swamp
  5. swampy11

    What to do?

    So here I am with my M! Garand and a Jap solders is running at me with his sword drawn overhead and zig-zagging as he comes. I fire my entire clip but miss due to his wavering approaching. I'm sliced in two. :( This has happened to me more that once and I'm just not figuring out a good...
  6. swampy11

    The weapon.

    Let me ask the community what is the best, fastest and the lest amount of key strokes to go from machine gun/rifle to pistol. For example the M1 Garand to the .45 pistol. There has got to be an easier way than me fumbling for the 2 key. what do you use? Thanks in advance. `swamp
  7. swampy11

    Rank Up Server

    Just came across the "RANK UP server in RO2 which is designed for blatantly cheating and scamming the ranking system. Getting hundreds of points per bot kill is not what I believe the game was designed to produce. Can anything be done to curb this server? Thanks in advance. `swamp
  8. swampy11


    If I am forced to do a total re-install of RO2, will my ranking be lost. I'm at 94 and I sure would hate to start all over again.:( Thanks. `swamp
  9. swampy11

    Sorry, have to close....again

    I keep getting the error message that rogame.exe has experienced an error and needs to close. I have verified the game cache to no avail. I use Skype in the background, is there a problem with that? I am open for suggestions. Thanks in advance. `swamp
  10. swampy11

    Punkbuster load error

    About half the time I boot up RO2, I get an error message that Punkbuster failed to load and subsequently I can not play most games as I get kicked out for no anti-cheat software being found. What is the fix for this?:confused: Thanks in advance. `swamp
  11. swampy11

    How to Purchase RO2 for Another Person

    Can someone walk me through the steps of how I would purchase RO2 for another person who does have a Steam account. Thanks in advance. `swamp
  12. swampy11

    What the heck is going on

    I an getting bumped off a game with an error message, that I do send, about every three games. What the heck is happening here. Never had this issue before:confused: What gives? `swamp
  13. swampy11

    A Mystery for Me

    I played a map yesterday that I have never seen. It was three short words, of which I don't remember, in its name. It was a very quick game and pretty much favored the Germans, but fun playing the Russians none the less. I have never seen it before and have looked for it all today to no...
  14. swampy11

    Verify the game

    What are the steps to re-verify the game. I am getting TONS of "Sorry, we have encountered an error....." message. Not sure what the problem is but I have forgotten the steps on verification. Thanks in advance. `swamp
  15. swampy11

    Crash Report

    About every third game, in campaign mode, I am kicked out with a crash which I report. Never had this until the last two to three weeks. It's becoming a real pain:mad: Anyone else having this problem. I did change my video card to a GTX 670 and all seems good except for an occasional...
  16. swampy11

    New Video Card, but...

    I upgraded my video card from a GTS 250 to a GTX 760 and it makes all the difference. However, there is one problem. I set all the video controls to the max and the game plays great, no lag and beautiful, but now I only get the video screen at startup. The other screens: Game Page, Audio...
  17. swampy11

    Invalid Packet?

    Kicked off server for invalid packet. What does that mean:confused:3 `swamp
  18. swampy11

    What happened Pt 2

    I have found the server, after much looking, that I was unexplainably banned from. The community, in my last posting, said to contact the server administrator, but how do you do that? Sorry for such a newbie question. All I have is the server name. Thanks in advance. `swamp
  19. swampy11

    What happened?

    I am third from the top in kills, no TK's, no language, just chugging along and then a message pops up saying "You have been permanantly banned from this server" and I am kicked off. What gives? Has that happened to anyone else.:confused: `swamp
  20. swampy11

    I am back, Thanks RO Staff!

    Thanks to all who worked to get this old man back on the boards. Much appreciated. Thanks again. `swamp