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  1. tryphon

    infantry only available ?

    I want to know if servers only infantry will be available ? I think it will be nice to have the possibility to deselect tanks or any vehicles, to play only infantry, not on all maps, i know, but i do not really enjoy playing maps such Arad or any kind of this . Is it one of possibilities that...
  2. tryphon

    New map in progress

    These are some screens of my last map : At this time, i don' t know how many objectives i' m gonna put on . This map is very big, more than 4500 pine trees at thi time, maybe more than 5500 when it will be finished . LOL.:):)
  3. tryphon

    Ro-Abbey_b1 Just a little preview of my last map, to show all way to go in the map . Funny map for funny players, same gameplay as factory . We don't had put this map on our server, but it will be done in few days . Just a question of time .;)
  4. tryphon

    Heaven Village_b1

    Hi all, these are the links to my last map, Heaven Village : You will find the .rom and the .uz2 on. It 's an infantry map, with a litle church, and underground and more ... Like Stalingrad Kessel, there are doors to...
  5. tryphon


    HI all, this is my first thread, i' sorry but my english is very poor . You can download my first map, in beta 2 at this adress: It' s an outdoor map, like Lyeskrovi, with 5 objectives to cap, german defending side. :)...