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    recent cheating/hacking trend discussion

    Recently I have seen a lot of blatant hacking going on. Over the past 2 weeks I have seen instant laser like multiple impossible kills in rapid sucession from various weapons. The offender is not even crouching but hip shooting at 100m or more with one shot one kill. It doesnt matter what weapon...
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    Everytime I play Spartanovka I mourn for Ogeltez :D
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    Tanking tips

    With the influx of the new players here are some quick tips for tanking: 1. Your main role is infantry support, let me say again your main role is infantry support. There are only a few tank maps on here. With that said yes you will have to deal with enemy tanks but switch focus back to...
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    Arty Spotting and use for recent new players

    Just some tips 1. Never put the mark directly on the objective that would force friendly units to enter the impact zone unless situation is dire. Always put to the rear of objective or off of objective to impede reinforcements reaching cap. 2. Use mortars effectively. They are fast, small...
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    RO2 error

    Replaced bad GPU (GTX 285) with a new GTX 660 ti and I keep getting the RO2game error a split second after I open the map up.
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    Vehicle dreaming

    just dreaming of being able to cruise the battlefield in this
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    Used foxholes

    Nothing like borrowing a foxhole from the enemy.
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    Downloading maps from Steam Workshops

    I may not be doing it correctly but some maps no matter how many times I suscribe to them they never show up in my map directory. Makes for long download times. I have looked in my maps files and they are not there. Does anyone know if they go somewhere else other than the maps directory?
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    Custom Map loading every new session

    Everytime I boot up a new session of RO2 I have to reload the custom maps, some of which take a bit. I do recall in RO1 that you could load them in a certain directory and that also once it was loaded that version was good to go. Any help on this?
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    RO2 Madness!

    That was madness!!!!! Just saying that was crazy fun, especially on those last few maps with the victory teetering back and forth for ten minutes! (you 50 who were on there you know!). I guess I was playing on one of those low playerbase servers with unrealisitic autos everywhere, no team...
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    Lost stats and honor points?

    I was playing on a server today and was happy I was leveling my AVT up when at one moment it said I gained honor and weapon level. I thought that was funny I didnt think I was that close. When I died I went rifleman and my bayonet is now gone? so I disconnected and checked stats. All have been...
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    Apartment Bayonet Fun!

    lately everytime I play Apartments I have been going Russian Rifleman. I would say over 80% of my kills are bayonet and I have been averaging about 20 kills per map. That map is so easy to bayonet people. I love it when I hear a MKB shooting. I wait till he is reloading and then charge and...
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    Radio quirky feature

    Who here hates the feature of being stuck to the radio and not being able to use your gun even when you are not using it. Irks me when I go to aim and shoot and all of a sudden I am stuck to the radio like velcro and get butstroked in the head.
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    Leading weapon

    has anyone figured out leading yet? I have tried different ranges and different speeds and does not seem consistent.
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    Tanks buggy still

    were tanks supposed to be fixed in last patch? they are still buggy. They sometimes cannot go forward or reverse. Today on Commisars house none of the T-34's could fire so we just resorted to ramming the P4's if we could get that close. Needless to say we lost both rounds as Russians.
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    AVT 40 rocks

    Never really messed much with AVT 40 but have been plaing with it all day and it rocks. Great room clearer. Great hitting power too. usually can take two guys doen who are running or crouching close together with a short burst. I was even accused of cheating of shooting the lips of windows and...
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    Could troll/competitor plants be possible? TWI?

    Just looking at the recent flury of posts lately that take a dim view of RO2; kinda of curious if some of these posters are actually competitors in the software market and trying to diminish Red Orchestra and its sales especially in light of the upcoming christmas season. A lot of posters seem...
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    Still having fun :)

    Who here is still having a blast playing RO2? I know I am! Showed some friends last night the game play and they were all COD/BF types and they were amazed at the sophisticated gameplay and even the basic strategy and tactics it takes to play the game. Still lots of good players and can still...
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    Tanks and their quirks

    1. Tank not moving: Seem to be still getting that occasional bug where I cannot move the tank either from spawn or after I stop . Then for some unknown reason I can start to move it again. Sometimes the power indicator will move but tank still does not move and if I fire the tank moves again...
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    Field phone

    I think field phones should have been modeled rather than radio sets for artillery. Most communications were done with field phones over secure lines. The artillery TOE always had a phone section in it with a plt in a battery designated just for field phones to be strung to the battalions which...