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  1. REZ

    Steam Sale - Indies?

    If you were going to spend 15 bucks on any combination of indie titles running in the current Steam Sale, what would they be (not including Chivalry)? I'm looking for replayability. Is Defense Grid any good? Deadlight (prob no replayability with this one)? Mark of the Ninja? Also.. if you...
  2. REZ

    Type Hard

    Try this game. I'm in the 200's on Campaign/Easy.. (I suck at typing fast)
  3. REZ

    Draw on Map (Pre-Round)

    A little late at this point for ideas, but here goes.. If any of you have played Alien Swarm, you would know that in between rounds you are able to draw on the overhead map. I think it would be a cool idea to give the Squad leader only the ability to draw on the overhead map before the round...
  4. REZ

    Post Your First HoS Kill

    With the larger beta coming anyday now, and then of course the official release day, I thought it would be a cool idea for everyone to post a screenshot of your first ever kill in RO:HoS :cool: So, when you play for the very first time, remember to take a screen shot or video of your first...
  5. REZ

    Has anyone seen this before?

    I get this all the time.. mostly on community made maps. Does this message mean anything to a dev maybe (besides my system being really old :p)? Build RedOrchestra_Build_[2005-11-27_10.48] OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600) CPU: GenuineIntel Unknown processor @ 3402 MHz with 2047MB RAM Video...
  6. REZ

    Intel announces new '3D' transistor technology,2817,2384897,00.asp 'Ivy Bridge'
  7. REZ

    [Sport] Woooooohoooooo!!!

    I was gonna wait to see what happens in the World Series, but I just had come come in and make a quick post. Nobody, I mean nobody gave us a chance against the Phillies... and we did it! These guys worked so damned hard to get where they're at and I am so F'in proud of them! WoooHooooooo...
  8. REZ

    Tsk, Tsk Google & Verizon

    I recommend everyone read these two articles, do some more research on your own, form an opinion either way - and take some action. This isnt a political thread, it's about net neutrality, which I would think everyone here would find extremely important...
  9. REZ

    Raytheon Solid-state Laser Test

    Conducted off the coast of California earlier this month. Coming to a battlefield near you around 2016. Video towards the bottom of the article.
  10. REZ

    Ro tv

    I first ran a search and couldnt find any current suggestion thread on the subject, soooo... How about a working RO TV for Hos? We clan doods love us some RO TV to watch matches with (when it worked :P). Maybe a 1-2 minute broadcast delay, 30+ viewers etc. ...would be niiiiice :cool:
  11. REZ

    Cisco CRS-3

    Able to download the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress in just over one second; every man woman and child in China able to make a video call, simultaneously. Interconnecting chassis allow for up to a 322Tbps node, and you know what that means.. yep, you can download every...
  12. REZ


    Yeah, this is going waaaaaaay back. A lot of you probably werent even born yet. (gawd, that makes me sort of.... sad :o) STARCADE! was the original video game television show where people competed against each other for prizes. Here is a link directly to the page where they have full...
  13. REZ

    Poker anyone?

    Okay, this may sound silly, but hear me out. I would never put real money onto an online poker site. If I'm playing for real money I prefer to be able to sit across from my opponents and actually see them. My friends and I have a weekly Friday night poker get-together in which we play for real...
  14. REZ

    Map Suggestion: Mamayev Kurgan

    A 'Heroes of Stalingrad' game would not be complete without a massive, scale representation of the Mamayev Kurgan. Lots of mortar action, grenades, screaming Katyusha rockets flying overhead, artillery and field guns, craters and debris... He who commanded the hill in essence commanded the city...
  15. REZ

    Indie Gaming

    I don't know about you guys, but I quickly become bored with the $50-shiny-graphics-yawn-inducing-gameplay type games they feed us these days.. For the last couple of years I've been keeping an eye on indie games, and I must say, there are some real gems out there. Like this one for example -...
  16. REZ

    Ken Burns: The War

    This Sunday on KQED there will be aired the beginning of the latest Ken Burns documentary called 'The War'. If you are in the States and can tune into this station, I highly recommend you do so. It will be a 7 part - 15 hour documentary on WWII and it's affects on the people involved. Click the...
  17. REZ

    The little town of...

    Where it is.. Apparently, the Brits cant get enough F*cking.. Are the residents called 'F*ckers? ...what are the mothers called? What would you be learning at the F*cking High School? ..if your friend came from another town he wouldnt be your F*cking friend. lol, can this be a...
  18. REZ

    Creativity Its educational.
  19. REZ

    Watch This Trippy sound experiments with different materials. No, I wasnt smoking anything when I found this... although now that I mention it... it'd probably be more, how do you say... vivid, after some trainwreck :D...
  20. REZ

    RO DEVs Take Note!,1697,1943838,00.asp UE3 will utilize the PhysX chip, and after reading the whole article, I would say go with the PhysX API and not the Nvidia/ATI-HavokFX GPU API's... because the GPUs will only help the processor with the eye-candy physics, whereas the...