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  1. gusone

    A typical server log

    This is what poor server owners have to put up with when reviewing logs. Still could be worse, it could be a RO2 player. The individual's name has been changed to He_who_shall_remain_nameless. --- Log started on 2011/12/13 23:16:58 === KFMod.KFGameType KF-Farm_SnowV2 ResSltMut 13160.81...
  2. gusone

    [Solution] Punkbuster kicking you every fews days?

    So this was nearly a game breaker for me. Every few days Punkbuster just starts kicking from every server. However through process of elimination I worked out how to fix it. I've no idea why PB gets its knickers in a twist every few days but at least here are the steps I follow every time now...
  3. gusone

    Wits End. Punkbuster post latest patch.

    I'm at my wit's end. I deleted local content and reinstalled RO2 as I couldn't get the blasted thing to work today. It has worked fine up until today. I reinstalled PB. Downloaded the htm files from Evenbalance. I have reached the point of giving up. Anyone got any tips for W7 OS 64 bit? Ta.
  4. gusone

    Wits End Punkbuster issue post latest patch

    opps wrong 4run
  5. gusone

    Not enough servers employing punkbuster

    Come on admins! It's working. I'm not getting kicked and historically PB and I have had major issues with other games. But for RO2 it's working a treat. So go on and flip the PB switch up a notch or two. It's the only way you're going to stop the cheaters. And props to those whose already...
  6. gusone

    How to deal with Campers 101

    Spotted. Sneaky sniper! FIRE IN THE HOLE! Bomm ba-da-boom
  7. gusone

    New mode called 'Relaxed' needed

    Yeh why not? All we are getting is a constant stream of 'OMG. Noobs" or "CoD players bluerghh" or "No strategy just mongol rushing ruining the game" etc. So why not a make a 'Relaxed' mode. In 'Relaxed' mode there is no TK, you have more stamina, yeh you get 5 grenades and a ton of ammo and...
  8. gusone

    The TWI Grain Elevator recon trip with photos

    I was talking to a chum about how the GE map and TWIs trip to photograph it in Russia for building the map. Can a clever person point me to the thread. I think other folk may find it interesting as well to see it in real life. Thanks P.S. I did try search but the results were inconclusive
  9. gusone

    Allow TE matches to start with 1 player but...

    Disable capping/ranking until another joins. Otherwise you can be in limbo for a while waiting for another player before you can even play on your own server. It also puts people off from joining an empty server if they know they can't start until someone else joins. And no changing the gamemode...
  10. gusone

    The blue station house

    It's been bugging me for a while. Is it really that colour. Really? the middle of a frozen Russia nowhere did the local autocrats really muse over the pastel palette and in the end decided on cyan. The people need to know. Authentic reproduction or an over creative art department after a...
  11. gusone

    Relax with the beta update TWI!

    Relax lads. We can survive a weekend. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, go home, drink beer with friends, see the family. Honestly a weekend update is not required. Let's see a beta update and a fresh recharged TWI crew on Monday. Life's too short.
  12. gusone

    [How Do I?] Bulk ban with Steam IDs

    I've got 804 Steam IDs I'm going to ban straight off the bat. Dropping a Steam ID using Webadmin Banned IDs Unique ID creates a record in the rogame.ini like this: BannedIDs=(Uid=(A=194XXXX740,B=1XXXX62329)) - where 'X' is me protecting the name of the guilty. So how do I convert Steam IDs...
  13. gusone

    [How Do I?] Reserved slots

    I'm not seeing an option in webadmin. Is there a res slots feature somewhere? I know in KF we had to add it additionally.
  14. gusone

    The double spread UK PC Gamer Ad...

    Here it is. The double spread advert you have been waiting for. The October 2011 edition. Enjoy... oh and be nice to anyone new who comes to this lovely place after seeing the ad. Remember the more the merrier.
  15. gusone

    Gilles-F (a fan post in absence of an official map post)

    This map really passed me by and I never got round to playing it until now. It's does not have a post here so as a fan I thought I would spread the word. It's got some lovely detail based in a castle. And no castle is complete with a dungeon. Lots of gothic references and huge pentangles on the...
  16. gusone

    Realism servers have stats and unlockables right?

    I was going to ask this in the other thread but after grinding to 5 pages of treacle to post I noticed it was locked. So like it says on the tin. You can run a realism server with all the cool stats and unlockables right and it really is just an option the server overlord can turn off? We got...
  17. gusone

    DSAS Friendly Fire Server 70% HARD

    Bored of normal KF? Maxxed out the achis and levels? Now you play for fun but inside you feel there's not challenge there once once? Then you are ready. It's time to join the real men and play 70% friendly fire on Hard. If you are a calmish forgiving type individual plays FF as it should be...
  18. gusone

    New Trailer coming?

    The old one is well old. Has TWI got a new one coming showing carnage, new maps, features with rousing motivating music making me want to randomly enter my credit cards across the net hoping I hit a pre-order?
  19. gusone

    I want the old trader back

    There it is. I want Deptford's finest back.
  20. gusone

    TV Zombie Series Walking Dead & Hospital Horrors

    Saw the first episode in the awesome series of Walking Dead this evening. Brilliant TV. Couldn't help think of Hospital Horrors at the start (I think Filth and I shoud sue), plus a little further on in the episode Suburbia and Farm to name but a few. TV Zombies... just brilliant. Check it...