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  1. kapulA

    'Proper' campaign maps

    Since the belated advent of the campaign mode into RO2/RS I notice it has gained considerable popularity, up to the point that most populated servers now run it as default (at least according to my observations). The thing though, that prevents me from getting a better feeling of immersion &...
  2. kapulA

    Leveling system?

    Will it be included? If the answer is positive, I really hope it'll be limited to cosmetic unlocks and such (uniforms, headgear etc), to avoid the current situation in RO2/RS where it grants a noticeable bonus to players who have sunk a fair amount of time in the game, in effect granting them...
  3. kapulA

    Yet another computer upgrade thread

    Hi guys, I've been thinking about bringing my trusty gaming steed up to date and, since I haven't really been following the latest & greatest as far as new CPU, GPU & RAM technologies are concerned, I was wondering if you could help me out a bit with a sensible upgrade plan. As far as I can...
  4. kapulA

    Spawn Selection Screen

    I've encountered some rather maddening bugs with the screen - firstly, when I want to change my spawn location while waiting in the cue, I bring it up (got it bound to the underscore key) and it disappears before I can change my spawn point and click ready. Sometimes I have to try for half a...
  5. kapulA

    [Game] Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

    Due to boredom and being on my college laptop, I thought of downloading and playing this old nostalgia gem. I was wondering whether anyone knows if people still play it and are there any active servers? I'm a soldat :D
  6. kapulA

    MSN virii!

    So, it seems that I have recently picked up an MSN virus or spambot or somesuch. It sends random spam messages to my contacts, usually saying something like 'Check out this site'. I've scanned my comp with Avast, with the scan sensitivity set to high and found 3-4 rootkits...
  7. kapulA

    [Game] Battlefield: Bad Company

    God knows I'm not a huge Battlefield fan, but damn this looks impressive! Too bad it's console only :( Also, Swedish accents rule. Edit: This one is pretty interesting as well (it lacks Swedish accents though :( )...
  8. kapulA

    [Sport] Airsoft Field Gear and Weapons

    I'm looking to acquire some airsoft equipment of my own and so far I'm getting: Jing Gong G36C w/ rail OR JG Steyr AUG T800 protective goggles Knee pads Guarder open red dot sight 3 G36 140 rds midcap mags KSC USP .45 Compact Pistol holster Rifle sling Mag vest So if anyone plays it, what have...
  9. kapulA

    Ping issues

    Well for the past 2 days I've been having weird ping issues in TF2, RO and CoD4, basically any game I play. The ping just goes up and down gradually and I start warping all over the place; I did a speed test( ) and even though my max speed is 2Mbit...
  10. kapulA

    Supression(yes I know it's been posted before)

    So yeah. I've just played FH2 yesterday (Forgotten Hope 2, for anyone that not might be in the know) and it left me in awe the first time an MG or any weapon in general shot at me. They make the screen blur out and if it's a single shot it doesn't last very long, I'd say 2 seconds or so and you...
  11. kapulA

    Minerva Metastasis

    If you haven't heard of this amazing HL2 mod I urge you all to try it out as the last chapter just got released and it borders and at times exceeds HL2's play value. Browse down for the download link. I've just...
  12. kapulA

    The Official Free Weekend Rant Thread

    Now before I even start,I'd just like to say that I don't think free weekends are ruining RO and I realize that TW needs to bring new players into the game, via demo,free weekend or guest passes and I'm completely okay with that. This should be just a thread for posting your experiences of the...
  13. kapulA

    Sniper spotter class

    Just came back from a great public game with Ralfst3r and we both thought this might be a good idea even if it might be a bit be more trouble than it's actually worth. :) Basically I got the sniper class on Zhitomir and he stuck close to me with a semi or an SMG.He saved my life a couple of...
  14. kapulA

    [Image] The Picture and GIF thread

    (What happened to the other ones?)
  15. kapulA


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  16. kapulA

    WH:Dark Crusade

    Copy-paste from Cro forums: AGOURA HILLS, Calif., May 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- THQ Inc. (Nasdaq: THQI - News) and internal development studio Relic Entertainment today announced that the second expansion pack in the Dawn of War franchise, Warhammer
  17. kapulA

    Funny stuff

    If you cannot decipher anything, then try pulling the corner of your eyes as if you were Chinese.
  18. kapulA

    Bayonet suggestion

    Well,I was just bored at school and this came to mind,why not make,instead of having to put the bayo on your weapon(Im not saying this should be removed), you can just take it out of the holder/whatever and use it as a knife.Ofcourse, damage would be reduced,but maybe when you attack from the...
  19. kapulA

    CoD 2 sequels

    Copy-pasted from a Croatian forum: We've heard from a reliable source whatthe next two Call of Duty titles will be about: one will focus on the Normandy Breakoutcamp! aign in WWII, while the other moves into the modern age, taking the fight to Middle Eastern terrorists. Yikes! The big...
  20. kapulA


    I was just thinking,the game could do with louder voices,like when you say "covering fire" that hes yelling his ass of and like that with the other commands,like in CoD 2, franctic screaming :D