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    killing floor fails to start (hangs at splash) 100+megs of temp files in directory

    Cant get KF to start. It hangs on the loading splash but never starts, have had it sitting there for over 30min. Tried verifying game cache, no luck. Ran a file checker program i had and found that the KF directory is now full of temp files.. wtf???
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    achievement icons - boring zZzZzZz

    what happened to those great little icons, all different and having some personality, now we have boring generic green background limited pallette rubbish :( hey adding icons so peeps know if they are linked to special occasions was a good idea but why did you have to go and make new ones that...
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    RS Single PLayer Tutorial

    There is a nice tutorial for learning the basics in HoS but none for the new tricks and weapons used by the japanese in RS. A simple training style map that explained how to set booby traps and how to range mortar fire would be useful for a lot of the newbies... and save me having to explain it...
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    american scoped rifle showing gun skin in sight [pic]

    god only knows why but on one occasion i was totally useless as sniper due to my scope being full of what looks like bits of the gun, think it is part of the model skin?
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    RS Achieves

    If your the type who gets excited about achieves you can check the steam achievements for RS, they are now listed with your RO2 ones ;)
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    Map overlay on Map voting screen (pic incl)

    Category:Menu/map voting Rerpoducabilty: Random but not infrequently, if occurs once in session will continue till game exited Description: when round ends there is a constant clicking sound like when button is pressed (~1nce per second). click to open map overlays mapvote screen. if pressed...
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    No reload interupt on the scoped G41

    rarely play as a sniper but just did and realised that you cannot interupt the reload on the scoped G41. you have to wait for him to manually insert bullet by bullet til the thing is full, which takes forever! surely you should be able to fire half way through or stop and switch to ironsights or...
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    Native Voice option resets on restart

    as the title says every time i load HoS i have to remember to go into audio options and turn native voices back on. any ideas? can i manually add it to a config file or something so it stays on? cheers. Edit: opps think this might be better in ro2hos support?
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    Halloween 2011 achieves now avaliable!

    In case you missed it Haloween 2011 achieves are now avaliable! Nice one TWI, time to get my mando chicken on!:D