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    Lol, Super Secret Spetsnaz "Techniques"

    Check the second half of the video out.. "Non-contact martial arts"?!?!? They've been duped... and they shoulda known better, too. Just love how Mr. "Martial Arts" sweeps everybody including his partner with a live gun in the first part!! What a tard!!
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    Rate custom maps here!

    The title says it all. Be constructive. I just played one, Makhnovo Village. Good-looking design, but.. problems. 1: Causes framerates to drop. I seriously thought my virus scan was running and checked to see. It wasn't. 2: The Soviets have better positioning AND better firepower...
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    How hard is emigrating to Denmark? :eek: :D :cool:
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    Just a bit of an over-reaction? A: it can't "fire itself" B: If it was set off somehow, without a barrel, it's going about 6 inches. The powder would probably not even ignite. Even if it did, gunpowder is...
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    Sage's CZ 52 porn!

    I finally got some pics. It was $200 locally, plus DROS ($25), plus the PRK-required Handgun Safety Certificate at another $25. And even if I had a C&R license, the screwy CA laws would have stuck me with those plus a transfer fee by the dealer ($45-$70!), so might as well buy local. Anyway...
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    Need a name...

    Any name, really. I'm hoping for some kind of Czech heroine, need to come up with a name for my CZ when I get it. :D Anybody?
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    Beware the "Road to Orel"

    I just played this map for the first time today, only to find out there's some hugely-exploitable glitch that a guy was using to take his tank UNDER the map to the Soviet spawn (and proceed to hit the Sovs with HE). And people wonder why I leave servers instead of bother to download custom...
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    How bad is crime in Scotland!? Knives and swords? What's next, pointed sticks and hands curled into fists?
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    Shirts for the rifle collectors

    My friend made some cool shirts featuring rifle cartridges. My favorite (of course) is the 7.62x54R. Front: Back: Now I've got something to wear to the range... which is nice, since I was getting complaints, threats, and more than a few propositions...
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    To refinish or not to?

    My friend has this helmet: Which has a really odd history. He's on the fence as to whether or not to refinish it. Read up on it here: Original finish, or keep it as-is? Personally, I think as-is is awesome.
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    Shooting a 91/30.. Real vs RO:O

    Today at the range I like to visit, they were holding a Tactical Rifle shoot. I decided to drop in with my 91/30 and see what it was like to use the real deal in a combat-like situation. For those who don't know, Tactical Rifle shooting is a type of combat shooting... for rifles... I'd say...
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    Comparison article: AK vs AR.. vs Mosin. Funny! :D
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    My Mosin Pictures

    Wow, this one turned out better than I expected! All the numbers match that I've seen, though I haven't checked the tang... The floorplate, butt plate, barrel and even bayonet all match up, though. I'm headed to the range again today, yesterday I put about 110 rounds through it. I've...
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    {YBBS} Needs players

    We want to add players to get a foothold in the RO:O community. Other games we play are BF2 and CS:S. We're a (mostly) mature group, with a mix of American and Canadian players. You'll need a microphone and TeamSpeak. Hopefully Xfire, too. Looking for players who are mature and are fun to...
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    Since all the gun threads are here: Box of Truth

    I love this site: It's awesome whenever he breaks out the .45/70. Someone starts shooting at you with something chambered in that caliber, don't even bother taking cover, unless sandbags are handy.
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    Bot suggestion for combined-arms levels.

    (If it's been done, delete it. I'm too lazy to search tonight.) Not only are the bots too stupid, but on combined-arms maps, they default to tank crews. Could we do one of two things (hopefully both?) 1: Smarter bots? (probably too hard...) 2: Force bots to default to riflemen and/or AT...
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    Anybody seen the Serpent's Wall site?

    If not, here ya go. If so, flame away...