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    Kicked: PB failed to initialize

    I tried playing this game today and on some servers I'm kicked immediately because of the message above. I was able to reconnect to the server without a problem, but once the map changed, I was booted for the same reason. Is this a bug?
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    "Level 7" requirements

    PLaying commando is my favorite perk, and I noticed that I'm well on my way to reaching the "level 7" point. That is, having the progress bar completely filled while at level 6. Does anyone know how much damage and stalker kills it takes to reach the end? And for that matter, what about the...
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    kind of a dumb question, but...

    what program does everyone use to extract rar files? I used to have winrar but my 40 day license expired. Do people use winrar unlocked through "other means" or is there a free program that lets me extract rar files?
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    I can't see the ping of servers in the server browser

    ^ As title suggests. I know that double clicking on the tabs changes how things are laid out. Did I accidentally hide them?