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    RS RSTE-Bataan

    Final Release of RSTE-Bataan. Mapname: RSTE-Bataan Version : Final Author : Drecks Change log : This release fixt the blurry rock material introduced with Brewing. Ths small update did not solve it so the material was replaced. Credits ...
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    Unreal Engine 4 launched

    Today, Epic has opened up Unreal Engine 4 to the world! UE4 is now available for download in its entirety, including the full features, tools and the entire C++ source code for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android through a subscription plan. You can subscribe to UE4 for $19 per month, and ship games with...
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    Stalingrad" VFX reel

    Hope its not a repost. Think it fits this place as the game original's theme is Stalingrad. Did not see the movie. I just think it looks great. Would love to have some of these models for a map :-) Main Road|Post "Stalingrad" VFX reel ' 2013 - YouTube
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    RS Artillery time

    I wonder did with Rising Storm something change with the artillery time ? I noticed weird interval times on my artillery. Like they depend on the lenght of the map playtime. The first release had the weirdest. 16 minutes for Axis and 10 for Allies. Now In the 2th release I only game 5 rounds...
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    RS RSTE-Bataan

    Last update oktober 12th To avoid issues I added v2 to the name Mapname is now RSTE-Bataan_v2 Links: Files: Client files Server files Name: RSTE-Bataan Greets Drecks
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    Kismet and its weird ways.

    Can some dev share some experience on their adventures with Kismet and its wierd behaviour. And probably shine a light on what might trigger weird errors. And is their a way to wake up and tell Kismet to do what its supposed to do. Some sort of reset. Or is just remove all and start over the...
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    Foliage layer issue

    Notorious for digging up errors and weird stuff in the editor I got another one. For a while my foliage layer looks like this. Did add it like its supposed. And it looks good in the editor and in PIE. But when i cook my map. It looks low detail in game. So i tried some solutions. -...
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    RS [WIP]RSTE-Strip

    Hi there here some screens of a map I wasted some time on. Did take a week of 5 to make it. Then I went on summerholliday and returned today. So never had time to make a release version before sept. 3. The screens won't show all. And it defenatly needs some work.
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    Stalingrad 70th Anniversary

    Saturday 2th of february the city of Volgograd will be named Stalingrad for one day. Its the 70th Anniversary of this bloody battle and turningpoint of WW2 Some links
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    Update 22 march for Rakowice: Countdown PC files Countdown server files
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    Playtest Servercrash

    A first playtest on Rakowice resulted in a servercrash. First game ended without a crash next games it crashes. I have suspicious thoughts on an Allied Engineer role.... But the three panzerlines are weird to. Last part of the log [0535.86] NetComeGo: Close TcpNetDriver_1 TcpipConnection_102...
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    [WIP]Rakowice 2012

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    Maptest right now !

    We have a maptest starting at TWB Coldsteel server. Files for tonights test here. They will be on the redirect to. These are the Cooked PC files. No server files as it aint a release. Map name is : TE-Coldsteel_beta_9 To join the server without problems you need to get rid of the Coldsteel...
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    All welcome to test Coldsteel beta 9 maptest.. Sunday 22 july I would like to run a maptest for Coldsteel Beta 9 This version needs to be tested and we will use ingame VOIP The test will go with some guides and will go over several games. During testing you might get some requests. We need...
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    Cooking with custom UPK files (Why people Crash ?)

    Question to a Dev..... I have 4 upk files with custom stuff like textures,walls and floorparts. When I want release an updated mapfile and these upk files didn't change. Andn I cook it do I need to release it with these 4 custom UPK files or can I just release the mapfile as it will recognize...
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    Countdown S&D

    So this morning I tried something different. I tried to change my Countdown map into a Countdown S&D. So instead of capture terrain the team had to destroy an objective. So I gave both teams and engineer and added satchel objectives with a ROPlacebleVolume. Took out the normal objective in the...
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    Coldsteel beta 8 Time for an update. This update comes with an Territory, Countdown and Firefight mode for the map. More info here.
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    Tsaritsa Gully

    As a "House of the Specialists" seems to be taken I have been searching for another scenario. I would like to do something different and no Industrial setting. So I took some time to seek for a good location and came up with the Tsaritsa gully. Its situated slightly north of the...
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    Kismet question

    For the final battle on my map I want it to make that the Axis needs to own two objectives in order to open the last objective. Meanwhile both these objective can be recaptured. Which in my opinion force the Axis to use tactics meehhhhhh.......... In my current kismet setup I manage to make it...
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    Narrowing down custom maps problems some more.

    This post is about custom maps and the problems they have on certain servers. Now you could reply put this is the leveldesign area but this is something we all need to know as custom maps and content could bring joy to every RO HOS player. For a while now some custom maps show issues on certain...