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    KF Steamland achievement not unlocking?

    So I take it you need the Killing Floor mode Steamland achievement at normal or higher to unlock Mrs.Foster. However, I've been completing Steamland normal for several times, but the achievement is not popping at all. That gives me the question- why is the achievement not unlocking? I am 100%...
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    I'm a new player, and in my first game all I did was crouch and sneak around under trains to avoid tanks on a bridge, and get 1 accidental teamkill because I had no idea about identification. I mean, I'm not a good shot, and usually bad in a straight up fight and would always fire something...
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    Question about Dwarfs!? Axe

    If I get endless mode on Dwarfs f2p, will I be able to unlock the axe with endless mode? Or is it for Arcade mode only?
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    You don't have to use one perk in a round

    No, actually, it benefits more that you don't use only one perk in a round, unless that perk is always useful (Berserker for an example). Starting with Sharpshooter is always a good choice, or other classes provided that you level them enough (ie Firebug Armor). Don't use a Firebug or Commando...
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    Legendary Character Pack

    A new character pack? Consists of 4 characters: - Pvt. Jim, the proud owner of all the bulletproof vests in killing floor. - Chuck the Cowboy, most people will get the reference. - Nerd Nathan, a survivor who happened to be cosplaying at a gaming festival during the outbreak - Johnny the Jock...
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    So, I created a new thread in the suggestion page.

    And it is not on the suggestion board. Are the admins reviewing it for offensive contents or is it somehow lost? Do I post a new thread? NOTE: The thread has a poll.
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    New Perk: The Technician

    The Technician Intro: The technician is a futuristic style perk which utilizes special chemicals to enchance their teamate's performance, but can hold his own as well. Dart Gun The technician highlight weapon is the dart gun. With alt-fire, the scientist can toggle between different type...