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    Serverperks + Mysql?

    Hello guys, i want to ask, is this possible to save all perks stats into mysql tables? And read perks stats from mysql?
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    ServerPerks V7 Level stuck!

    My level stucked at 23, max level on server is 40, i have all damage that need to be a 24lvl, pls help ppl :)
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    ServerPerks icon bug

    Hi guys, what i need to do, to fix this? My perk icons is 128x128, help to fix this. :) Thanks.
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    KF SDK Old Textures Bug [Need Fix]

    Hi again, why new killing floor sdk cropps animations colors from old animations texture? Here a pic: Any ideas how can i fix this?
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    .usx/.utx/.uax/.ukx to .u Problem

    Hi, it's me again :D , for me is one problem. I try to explain: So i'm making all zombies textures to .u file, and i always getting this error: My .uc file: All Files i...
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    ServerPerks HELP!

    Hi people, I wanna to ask us, how can i make to save all people stats, like ServerPerksStat.ini? But i wanna make to save it to ftp, any ideas? FTPDataConnection.uc And FTPTcpLink.uc I Know on these files are functions that uploads to ftp every player id in new txt file, i wanna to make that...
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    Compile Textures/StaticMeshes/Sounds to Animation file.

    I Know that this thing is possible,becouse russian modders can do it. Anybody can explain how to compile Textures/StaticMeshes/Sounds to Animation File? i found information about it,but i can't understand.
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    [HELP] Unexpected '?'

    Can anybody help to me? i get this error after making .u file,Here's Photo:
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    Looking for

    Hi everyone, i looking for mutator which make's exp 2x boost for all players, is this mutator existing?
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    Help crashing server

    what this crash means?
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    Friendly Fire Bug......

    My Friendly Fire scale set to 0, but still you can do damage to your teammates,Wheres the fcking problem? Here's My KillingFloor.ini :
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    Crash problem...

    Hi,anyone can help to me? i get crash after map change:
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    Looking for show damage mutator

    Any one have Show damage mutator like this: ? But working with server perks v6.01?
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    Help with server perks

    hi,where save's all people perks? i using serverperks v6 on linux,i searched,but not found
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    Revemu HELP!

    Hi Guys,how to make killing floor steam/nonsteam server?and steam players find my server on they server list?when i crack with revemu,not finding server on steam,pls help me!
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    Hi guys,i here for the last time,How can i compile ServerPerksP?When i Decompile ir works okay,but when need to compile Error: SuperClass SRVeterancyTypes of class SRVetBerserker not found
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    Steamed People Can't Find My Server

    What i must to do to steamed people's can find my server?
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    Killing floor update problem

    hi all,why i'm can't update killing floor server from 1045 to 1046? i see in another server's update 1046,i tried app_update 215350 to steamcmd and still not updating....
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    Vip system

    Hey guys,anyone got this mutator's free? *links removed* please i need it ;D
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    Failed to install app 215360

    Steam>app_update 215360 validate ERROR! Failed to install app '215360' (Invalid platform) Pls Help people!