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  1. GearShift

    Chivalry 2 Special Edition Torn Banner/Tripwire Q & A - April TICR 2021 Questions (Post your questions here)

    Will we ever get a fix for custom audio files downloading to the wrong location for KF2?
  2. GearShift

    Merc Report - A Whale Of A Good Time

    Ya'll really put a loudener on the seal squeal?
  3. GearShift

    Tripwire Q & A - TICR Part 3 Questions (Post your questions here)

    Can we get any specific data on how the inclusion of the paid weapons has affected TWI and KF2, for better or for worse? KF2 has largely had a falling player count on Steam since their inclusion, but I'd be curious to see what additional data TWI itself has.
  4. GearShift

    Are there any good tutorials on how to modify a Zed's voice?

    Check out the KF2 wiki. There's some sound modding guides on there.
  5. GearShift

    Console output after using console commands

    You could maybe try getting the local player controller and extrapolating from there.
  6. GearShift

    A How to guide

    Good stuff, but there's a caveat here for materials. You absolutely cannot use custom materials on then workshop unless you are making a map, they don't function. KF2 was compiled with the --noeditor argument, and so custom materials do not compile at runtime for the game, so anything using one...
  7. GearShift

    How does one get Spec maps to work on Weapon Skins MIC?

    It's really easy man. There's a third slot in the weapon materials that's called "specular map." You put your spec texture there.
  8. GearShift

    Mutator list like in Killing Floor 1

    There's only three mutators on the workshop that don't de-rank servers, and they're not going to make gameplay changes so you're going to have to settle for not getting XP with mutators.
  9. GearShift

    How does one go about joining a KF2 dev/mod team?

    Do you have a sketchfab or an artstation I could look at? I'm the lead for the GSG modding team and we are looking for new members. We are primarily focused on the Halo Mod, which I will link to below, which is primarily a mod that adds various guns to Killing Floor 2. We are primarily looking...
  10. GearShift

    Tripwire Q & A - TICR Part 2 Questions (Post your questions here)

    Are we going to get any more modding support updates for KF2, such as fixing the audio file issues and getting the inhouse IK Animation rigs?
  11. GearShift

    "Other Platform Player" on Custom Content Servers

    I am seeing a high number of "Other Platform Players" on my servers that are hosting modded content, when there is in fact no one playing on it.
  12. GearShift

    Request - Allow Custom Materials in UPK files

    Hello Tripwire. I'm once again putting forth the request to be allowed to bake the shader cache into upk files, just as maps are currently allowed to do. At the moment, modders are currently unable to use any custom materials outside of maps, which greatly limits the scope of what can be done...
  13. GearShift

    Custom Weapon Firing Mode Icons Broken

    I've discovered the fix for this issue. You cannot use groups in the unreal packages or when GetPackageName is called in KFGFxHUD_Backpack it will only return the group name. Referencing a texture not in a group functions properly.
  14. GearShift

    New Gun Pack Coming to KF2 Soon

    Really appreciate that man!
  15. GearShift

    New Gun Pack Coming to KF2 Soon

    The Halo Packs M41 with a Fully Custom Animation Set.
  16. GearShift

    (v1078) M_Wep_1stP_Masked_Master_PM Material Does not work after workshop upload

    It'd be very nice for this to be fixed, because the masked materials support transparency in textures whereas the non-masked ones do not.
  17. GearShift

    Cannot use custom Lens Materials

    The issue with being unable to use custom materials issue also seems to prevent use of a custom "lens' material for scopes. I suspect it's similar to the issues encountered when trying to create displays similar to the healer or welder screens, in that there's an issue with the specific...
  18. GearShift

    Custom Weapon Firing Mode Icons Broken

    Attempting to use a custom icon for a firing mode doesn't work. Targeting the custom Texture will cause the weapon firing icon to be blank. Creating a copy of one of the firing icons already in game and targeting the copy also doesn't work, whether or not the custom image is imported over it or...
  19. GearShift

    Animation Rigs and Documentation Request

    Could we get the official animation rigs for first person and third person weapons and characters, as well as some documentation on it similar to how the documentation for Audio Modding was given?
  20. GearShift

    (v1078) M_Wep_1stP_Masked_Master_PM Material Does not work after workshop upload

    Category: Other Reproducibility: Always Summary: When using the M_Wep_1stP_Masked_Master_PM Material for a custom weapon, the weapon mesh appears with no textures after workshop upload Description: When using the M_Wep_1stP_Masked_Master_PM Material for a custom weapon, the weapon mesh appears...