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  1. J

    Modding Help!!!

    Click the link to see info about my problem
  2. J

    [Help/Request] Unreal Tournament 4 Weapons for KF

    Ok I've been trying to find my way out of making a UT4 weapon ported to Killing Floor, its very possible cause I saw one on the last server that I joined with. It was a AVRiL rocket launcher and MRS138 Shotgun. Any suggestions? I really need some help with this. I promise to upload this files if...
  3. J

    Unreal Tournament 4 Weapons covert for KF help

    Hello, I seem to have found out that weapons from UT4 are pretty much can be converted for Killing Floor use in game. I saw this server that has MRS138 and AVRil. I downloaded the Balistic file which contains MRS138. Like the other weapons it has Animation, Textures, Sounds ETC with the same...