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  1. LugNut

    Hell Let Lose - New WW2 shooter

    Scroll down...
  2. LugNut

    Role and weapon allocation

    I was wondering if weapons and roles will be allocated as they are now, or if the level designer will be able to choose and limit them? For example no RPG class on one map, or more LMGs on another. Being able to vary the number and type of classes to suit a particular time frame or battle...
  3. LugNut

    Battalion 1944

    If you liked COD2 and MOHAA and would like to play it on a modern engine, here's your chance. Hitmarkers and all.
  4. LugNut

    Resistance & Liberation mod

    FWIW, R&L has moved to UE4 and efforts are underway on a new version. It looks like they have a ways to go..... :D
  5. LugNut

    How to kill tanks with an AT rifle, a manual.

    Strategy: You are not an MG, you are a hunter and a sniper carrying few rounds, make them count. Every shot you take can be traced back to your position, tankers see a momentary position indicator showing where a shot came from, wait until you have a shot with a high probability of damage or a...
  6. LugNut

    Immersion Overhaul Mutator (IOM) Server List

    Servers currently running the IOM mod: [40-1] #3 No Man's Land IOM *corrected [FR] Communate Francophone IOM {sBc} Fight Club IOM 2.FJg IOM Aussie NZ - IOM Seikouudoku [NIPPON] + IOM...
  7. LugNut

    Add Spawn on SL to Classic

    I'm a die hard Classic fan, although I do play Realism from time to time. I like most of the major components of Classic, but as time has gone on, I've seen the need for Spawn on SL (SoSL) to be added, or at least be a variable for admins to control. Here's the pros: 1) It enhances squad...
  8. LugNut

    Map title display

    When rotating to a custom map, is there any way for the title to display in the load screen? It'd be nice to know when choosing a side or role what map you're about to play. ATM, all we have is a cryptic image to use to decipher what map it is.
  9. LugNut

    Long range audible bullet impacts on enemy. Why?

    Admittedly, it's a minor issue, but I find it bizarre that you can hear bullet impacts on an enemy at 175m+, yet you can't hear them hit anything else. Not much different than a visual hit indicator once you get used to hearing it. Just keep shooting until you hear splatter :( Not a fan. Anyway...
  10. LugNut

    Interesting WW2 then and now pics

    Cool site, images shot from the exact same locations.
  11. LugNut

    12 ways Consoles are hurting PC gaming

    Interesting article, at least we have TWI and others who are improving PC gaming.!5788122/12-ways-consoles-are-hurting-pc-gaming