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    [Error] Stuck in Mamayev Kurgan

    Terrain problem with shell crater in Mamayev Kurgan. File should be attached, showing map location. On the left side of the screen is the top of a shattered structure that could be glimpsed to the east as the stance changed. I think it was stuck between prone and crouching, flicking between...
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    Semi-Off-Topic: Modern picture that looks like Stalingrad

    The Boston Globe has a feature called The Big Picture, typically a collection of about 30 photos around an event (nuclear reactor accident) or a theme (some cool photos involving the sun). The latest involves pictures of Libya. I was stuck by how closely the remnants of urban fighting in Photo...
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    [Error] Bug on Barracks, plus other maps

    In Barracks, "Building C", northwest corner, top floor, there's an angled corner window that's the perfect place for an MG emplacement. I backed off a little with a DP-28 to change magazines and got stuck. Couldn't walk, crawl or run away, could jump in place, was too far to deploy the MG. I've...
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    Typos, other problems in achivements list

    I'm not saying most of these are huge, but I figured I'd point 'em out, and they're probably some of the easiest things to fix: Firing the Gats Bronze, Silver, Gold Kill 10 enemies with a heavy, light, or tank mg >> MG. It's an abbreviation Exemplary Service Receive a in game promotion >>...
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    Video crashing again

    During the beta testing a few moons ago, my instability problems with the video (e.g., when changing from full-screen to partial screen, or minimizing with the Windows-M hotkeys) were solved. They seem to be back without any configuration changes; possibly due to the hotfix. I don't know, as...
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    If Joe "Blue Eyes" had Photoshop ...

    Photoshop contest: Me, I like the Mission Accomplished parody ...
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    RO:O on OS X/Parallels?

    I was just reading that the newest version of Parallels for OS X, in release candidate status now, has OpenGL and DirectX support. People with Intel Macs, Windows and Parallels in theory then could begin playing some Windows games ... if everything works, and works well. I'm curious as to...
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    High CPU load on menu?

    I just noticed this since the last few rounds of patches: I'm getting really high CPU load (like, almost full) when RO is simply showing the menu screen. Happens regardless of whether I'm connected to the Internet or not, whether I leave it running for a few minutes or just fired it up. The only...
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    Great audiobook

    I just finished with "World War Z," an excerpted audiobook read by folks like Rob Reiner and Mark Hamill (!). It's -really- neat; picture something like Studs Terkel's "The Good War" coming after the, er, zombie wars, with lots of wry political, social and general commentary snuck in between the...
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    Monday's featured Wikipedia article =) The T-34 is a Soviet medium tank produced from 1940 to 1958. It was widely regarded as the world's best tank when the Soviet Union entered the Second World War, and although its armour and armament were...
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    Free class materials

    Possibly of interest: Tufts University is offering its Blender course materials online for free. This is part of the OpenCourseWareConsortiumViaTheirWebSiteWithWordsStuckTogether:
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    3.SS, now at a Wal-mart near you

    I thought this was interesting. That, and Wal-Mart always gets bashed, so what the hey.
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    RIP KFC monitor

    I wanted to offer a small memorial to a KFC monitor. KFC -- ridiculed for the name -- only later changed its name to Smile, which presumably was somewhat less ridicule-worthy. I got this monitor back in the summer of 1993, with a then-state-of-the-art computer. I think the total package ran...
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    Questions about historical accuracy (Peenemunde)

    Kind folks, I've had several map ideas, but am having difficulties getting sufficient research. The idea I think I'd be closest to moving on would be Peenemunde, the northeastern German research center on the "V" terror weapons. I think for taste's sake it'd be best to zoom in on the map...
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    Ungraceful crash at loss of network connection

    Red Orchestra crashes but refuses to give up its majority of the screen, typically when I've been playing on a server but lost a network connection. It's a strange thing; I can control-alt-delete and get the taskbar to show, then alt-tab through other programs and Alt-F4 'em away (e.g...
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    A warning to anyone using Intel wireless

    If anyone else out there is using an Intel wireless card, with drivers from the last few months: Upgrade, now. Your RO will thank you immensely for it. There was a leak in some monitoring software (s24evmon). At the moment, mine is using 217mb of memory with 207,868 handles. The new version is...
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    Some historical documents

    I was talking to a friend who's doing a little work at Fort Leavenworth, which led me to the Center for Army Lessons Learned, which led to an Internet search, which ... Anyway, found some stuff that might be of interest: WWII stuff mixed in...
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    Request: Intermittent throttle key

    This might be easy to implement, and potentially quite useful. The game now allows you to select incremental or full throttle for tanks and other vehicles, through a checkbox in the configuration menus. My request would be for a keypad shortcut to switch between the two, presumably the "Switch...
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    Video crash question

    Up front: I really don't think Red Orchestra isn't causing these crashes. I don't know if it's the video driver itself, Windows, or DirectX, which is to say I don't know whom to blame, who to get the error messages to, or what to try to fix. What I -really- love is when I hit "Submit bug...
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    Pics of historic gunsights

    This was posted by someone in the D-Day: Normandy forums, and I thought folks here might be interested: