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    So the Hazmat it able to be acquired?

    Sounds kind of strange, since I got the Hazmat suit last year, but I was wondering if it was possible to get it again now that the Sideshow is back? Some of my friends don't have it, and I'd like to be able to tell them one way or the other.
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    Vault Crates not being awarded?

    Hi, I installed the update last night, and been enjoying the Endless Mode a lot. But last night and just a few minutes ago, I've filled my Vault bar up twice...and no crates. The Steam overlay trick doesn't seem to be working any more, and restarting the game is also not making the crates drop...
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    Vault Crate not being rewarded

    Hi, just finished up my 3 dailies for today and the weekly, and filled the bar. Should've gotten a 2nd crate, but haven't with numerous game restarts or even restarting steam. Is something wrong with this?
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    Odd request: Did anyone save the Xmas 2010 poster?

    I ask 'cause one of my fave parts of the KF event updates are seeing the new trailers and posters that advertise 'em, and going back and re-reading those. It's come to my attention that the poster for the original Xmas event...back in 2010...has gone MIA on the site/blog! I'm able to find the...
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    Are Husk kills with Husk Gun no longer counting?

    I only ask 'cause I was just soloing a Normal game on Manor, got at least 3 Husk kills...and not a single one counted. Surely forfeiting after I was killed doesn't affect this?