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  1. ButchCassidy

    known hacker account info

    Wuat 76561198000905958 STEAM_0:0:20320115 IP IP
  2. ButchCassidy

    TWIL 2014 season is open

    We are proud to announce that the TWIL 2014 season has now started and we are inviting all clans who wish to take part in our Tournaments and Ladders to begin registering at the new TWIL web site. The website is still a work in progress and you will see a lot of development being added over the...
  3. ButchCassidy

    RS Rising Storm - What would you like to see at TWIL

    Your chance to vote for what competitions you want to see for rising Storm at TWIL..;)
  4. ButchCassidy

    Rising Storm - Beta Access for TWIL Teams

    By way of a big thanks to all our teams competing here at TWIL. We have secured Rising Storm beta keys which will be available for all the clans and their players that are actually participating in competitons at TWIL. How do you get your keys? If you are a Clan/Team leader here at TWIL then...
  5. ButchCassidy

    [Game] Treyarch kill off the PC Clan Community with Black Ops 2

    Treyarch have finally released their info about the Black Ops 2 PC multiplayer and its not good reading. Their own unproven Anti-Cheat system? No dedicated servers for the community. Matchmaking is all you get. No mod tools. Although all this is not surprising considering that Activision...
  6. ButchCassidy

    TWB Servers

    TWB are now actively seeking to increase its membership in 2013. We are a multi-gaming clan so we support a range of other games alongside Red Orchestra. We have hosted high quality RO2-HOS and Rising Storm servers from release day and we will continue to admin them to the highest possible...
  7. ButchCassidy

    TWI Ladder

    This is a call to arms for all you clans who want to be part of the new competitive scene that will be We need feedback from the whole community in order to provide the basis of a new competitve site owned and sponsored by TWI. Give us your feedback here -...
  8. ButchCassidy

    [Solution] Auto Reboot on crash

    For those who don't have this here is the TWB auto-reboot on crash batch file code. TWI use the same code to allow your server to auto reboot on a crash detection. Replace our server name and IP (and anything else you want to replace) with your own details in a .txt file then change that file...
  9. ButchCassidy

    RO2 back in the steam top sellers

    Very pleasing to see RO2 at number 4 in the steam top sellers list.. Well done TWI...:D
  10. ButchCassidy

    Community maps for new patch and free weekend release

    As many of you already know TWI are now in lockdown for the new patch and a free weekend will follow its release within days. And this could provide mappers with a golden opportunity to test their maps with real players and hopefully lots of them.;) We at TWB have always been fans of the RO...
  11. ButchCassidy

    The Wild Bunch Servers have moved IP

    Just a heads up to the veterans still playing RO1 the TWB servers have moved IP..
  12. ButchCassidy

    RO2 The Future

    I have been here a long time..Since the beginning of Red Orchestra as a retail franchise and I make no apologies about being a fan of the games and of TWI as a company. I played the original mod and remember "thinking what a great game this would make".. RO1 did indeed turn out to be a very...
  13. ButchCassidy

    TWB RO2 Launch Party and everyones invited..Bring your own gun..

  14. ButchCassidy

    TWB at TWI on Friday 4th Feb 2011

    Today we are pleased to announce that two of our senior members namely TWB*Jim Miller and TWB*Morgan Earp are attending a special press event at the offices of Tripwire interactive to assist them in playtesting Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. We realize that this is a rare and...
  15. ButchCassidy

    DLC request

    I would like to formally request that TWI include in ROHos a full working Trench Shovel similar to this little beauty.. Now remember Ramm It must be authentic in every detail and most importantly it must work.. And I don't want any of your bargin bin second hand rubbish either..It must be new...
  16. ButchCassidy

    Killing Floor hits 1000 servers?

    I just scanned the Steam servers and it came up with 1,140 servers..I was a little sceptical of this so I then checked out the Gamespy Stats.. Here's their numbers 1092 servers, 3972 players that has pushed Red Orchestra (KF is marked as an RO gametype) to around the 7th most popular online...
  17. ButchCassidy

    TWB Killing Floor Servers

    TWB have put up four of KF servers for members and public to use.. so go enjoy..:D TWB's Dark Army IP: TWB's City Of Dead IP: TWB's DeathSquad IP: TWB's KillZone IP:
  18. ButchCassidy

    Killing Floor Server Info

    Well I for one want to know all there is to know about running a server for this game. So.. 1. How many players can a server support? 2. Can you customise a server in anyway. I.E. more zombies..less Zombies etc. 3. Will there be mod support? 4. Does the server have the standard web admin...
  19. ButchCassidy

    TWB's "Desert Storm" Mare Nostrum server

    It is with great pleasure we announce a new 50 player server in support of the RO Mare Nostrum mod. TWB's Desert Storm IP Nows your chance to kick Rommels or Monty's backside depending on your preference. So go fill your boots with sand.
  20. ButchCassidy

    TWB Map of the Month August 08

    Combined arms map by tochiri which is a real gem. Survive it if you can!! We'll be adding this map to server 1 and Old Glory in the next few days. If you wish to put forward a map suggestion for the September map of the month then visit our forums at