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  1. piriou

    [RS2V] {G.F.A} Clan competitive in France

    If you search a French clan in Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, we recruit some players :
  2. piriou

    [RS2V] {G.F.A} Clan competitive in France

    Hello Guys, Nationality : French Game mod played : Territory, Supremacy and Skirmish. Website of the Clan : Numbers of members of the clans : Soon ... Youtube channel : See you in the battlefield {G.F.A}...
  3. piriou

    {G.F.A} Clan competitive in France

    Hello, i'm the leader of the {G.F.A} Team, French team on Red Orchestra 2. Leader : {G.F.A} Piriou Admin : {G.F.A} Phoenix Members : {G.F.A} Astro1_fr {G.F.A} JPP {G.F.A} Migale {G.F.A} Horus {G.F.A} Raykos {G.F.A} Pilave {G.F.A} Xavier {G.F.A} Garwalf {G.F.A} Cody {G.F.A} Zerodog...
  4. piriou

    RO2 [RIFLECUP 2015] Stream and result of the pool match !

    It's time to play the match from the 24 teams register for the RIFLECUP 2015 ! YOU, players in redorchestra2 can see a lot of match from the first partie if the cup. The official link of the stream is here : You can see all match and result here ...
  5. piriou

    RO2 [RIFLECUP 2015] The register is OPEN !

    Hello players of Red Orchestra 2. The GFA clan with support of are very excited to present the first cup of the Year 2015 : The RIFLE CUP The principe is very simple. 4 players and 2 reserve are playing a tournament where only rifles are allowed. The match is played on...
  6. piriou

    New Competition : CUP CTF by {G.F.A}

    Hello all ! TEAM {G.F.A}, a group of RO2 players since the beta, organizes an event which focuses on having a good time playing Capture The Flag with RO2 fans. (please moderator add image inside the post) Let me introduce the CTF Cup...