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  1. Bluehawk

    Option to spawn with bayonet fixed

    Would work just like the option to spawn with your weapon set to semi-auto. If your rifle has a bayonet and the box is ticked, you're already fixed and ready to charge. Manual toggle would still work as well, just as manual fire selection still works.
  2. Bluehawk


    Since nebulous concepts such as banzai charges have been implemented as overt game mechanics, why not find a way to portray that semi-mythical frontier justice that supposedly plagued the US Army in Vietnam, known as "fragging"? If a team leader or squad leader is particularly bad at his job...
  3. Bluehawk

    RS T38 Arisaka flag for Level 50 unlock

    Since the Arisaka Type 38 presently has no unlock for level 50, I thought it would be neat to unlock a flag attached under the barrel, as seen in many photographs and reproduced in miniatures and post-war artwork. In some of the images below, they're small unadorned flags no larger than a hand's...
  4. Bluehawk

    [Error] Strange Compass glitch in Classic Mode

    While waiting to respawn once I went into the role select menu to change weapons for my class and when I closed the menu again I noticed my compass was split half and half between the standard radar/minimap system and the compass face. Spinning the camera made it rotate and the axis along which...
  5. Bluehawk

    [Crash] Singleplayer Crash on Videos

    It seems I get random crashes whenever the game has to play a .bik video. I haven't had them on the opening vanity videos though, just the single player briefings, diary quotes etc. The Soviet Campaign Victory video crashed for me three times in a row, so officially I haven't beaten the SP...
  6. Bluehawk

    Toggle for Earned Score

    I think there should be an option for turning off all the "+3 for kill in obj" stuff that pops up between the kill notifications in the upper left corner. It's neat info when you're first playing and still trying to grasp how the game mechanics work, but it can be cluttering sometimes. Take this...
  7. Bluehawk

    "Red Barracks" vs. "Red Barricades"

    More and more and with consistency I see references to a map called "Barricades" or "Red Barricades" that will be available at launch. Since the screen we saw of the campaign map shows an area called "Barrikady" I can only assume these are one at the same. There's just a tiny problem, the...
  8. Bluehawk

    [Crash] Total lock-up/freeze upon loading a map

    I've mentioned it a few times already in various threads of various relevance to my situation, but I figured I'd make a new, dedicated thread and then leave it alone. No use spamming it all over the place. When I join a server and load the map, I'm only able to operate for a few seconds...
  9. Bluehawk

    A Question regarding "Herr" and the SS.

    I'm well aware that the Waffen-SS frowned upon using "Mein Herr" or "Herr, [Rank]" as forms of address, many of RO's realism units can tell you that, but I'm curious if this extended to the Allgemeine SS as well. My assumption would be that this rejection of the "old Prussian traditions" would...
  10. Bluehawk

    Embassy Guards

    I was wondering, does anyone know what organization provided security to the German embassies during the Nazi era, as in an analogue to say US embassies' Marines? Were they regular Heer, some detachment of the SS like the Begleitskommando? I really can't find any information on this anywhere.
  11. Bluehawk

    Anyone played Battlegrounds for HL1/2?

    Don't laugh, but I think an American Revolutionary War game could be really cool on the "RO engine". Slower more realistic movement, solid stamina system, iron sights (although most weapons didn't actually have sights), proper damaging and ballistics. Reasonable melee combat (RO:O's is MUCH...
  12. Bluehawk

    Spawning with bayonets attached

    Just as the name suggests, my first real suggestion on these boards, or any RO boards after so long, is rather simple. Since there are options for multiple primary weapons and handguns etc. and they've already added options for indigenous and English class names, I thought maybe in the Class...
  13. Bluehawk

    The Game's Name

    I've wondered for quite some time why the mod/game is named Red Orchestra. I looked it up once upon a time and it was a phrase coined by the Gestapo to refer to a variety of Communist and anti-Hitler resistance groups in Germany and Eastern Europe with ties to the USSR and US. The Resistance...