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  1. MrLebanon

    Single Player Tutorial Fixed MG glitch

    I blew up all 3 trucks before commander mean pants told me to, there is no way to proceed and finish the tutorial :(
  2. MrLebanon

    Remember when the forum was a fury over when the beta starts?

    Take a look at EA's BF3 forums right now :P Rather than give it to everyone, keys are going in "waves" some have been waiting for 8+ hours with the promised time given out last night (+1 to TWI for not promising us a time) And those who have gotten to play are getting many problems with the...
  3. MrLebanon

    The Crusade against the Horde

    Hmmm, user Immelmann has evoked inspiration within me I quote the gentleman's signature So, on this note We organizeth the crusade Joineth our steam group so we can crusade in unison: and...
  4. MrLebanon

    Synergy - The Super Computer solution

    Hey all! Just thought I'd throw out this recommendation to my fellow TWIers Just thought I'd share it, tried it out today as I was looking for a way to make my laptop work as a second monitor This program allows my desktop and laptop to still run individually as two...
  5. MrLebanon

    Game crashing at start

    EDIT: the source of my problem was a USB headset for those looking for solutions i just unplugged it and the game stopped crashing Alright I know it's been addressed - but here's the deal 1) Running the redist.exe did not fix it 2) running pb did not fix it 3) verifying game cache did not fix...
  6. MrLebanon

    Beta Preload?

    I know it's been stated that the game will be available for preload on steam before the released to avoid the overflow of downloads at once as well as last minute downloading.. Does anyone know if there will be an option to preload the beta when it is announced?
  7. MrLebanon

    Awesome Headset deal at Canada Computers

    Can't turn this one down!! Does anyone have experience with this headset? Reviews seem to all be positive.. thinking of getting one before the sale ends thursday
  8. MrLebanon

    [Game] Civilization V Steam sale for the weekend!

    Just giving my recommendation - the civ series is an awesome turn based strategy game - with historical scenarios to be fought out - or open ended games starting with the beginning of history and happening the way you play it out Unique AI personalities make it an interesting single player...
  9. MrLebanon

    How about we just wait til release/beta?

    I know this has said countless times before (eg here) But seriously, let's all wait til we can actually play the game before we pass our judgements on it. There seems to be a lot of problems concerning that the server browser will not make it easy to play realism type game modes and the like -...
  10. MrLebanon

    Need Your input on my school research

    Hey Fellow Tripwirers.. I'm working on a marketing assignment for a 2nd year university course.. just looking to get some stats on what certain people think about what I have in mind The survey shouldn't take more than 2 minutes (it's only 10 multiple choice) it's completely anonymous and for...
  11. MrLebanon

    Weird 3D scope behaviour

    Hey all, not sure if this has been brought up before I noticed the same strange behaviour in killing floor see this video at 6:10 When he shoots and then bolts back the rifle, you'll notice in the bolting animation he...
  12. MrLebanon

    RO:HOS + Ostfront package

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows if TWI will have a pre-order package including Ostfront at a steal price? I'm new to the series and would like to try out Ostfront in the time waiting for HoS.. but at the same time I fear buying it full price and having it come in a "Steam...
  13. MrLebanon

    Trouble In Terrorist Town

    Just a cool idea I had Like the garrys mod game mode, I think It'd be awesome in a WW2 Red Orchestra setting call it.. British in Berlin Town or something :D for those who aren't familiar with the game mode.. its like clue, in FPS mode some spawn as traitors - who's goal is to kill the...