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  1. snake byte..

    fatal error..

    played for 18 months without any probs ... now im getting this message..:confused: Build RedOrchestra_Build_[2005-11-27_10.48] OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600) CPU: AuthenticAMD PentiumPro-class processor @ 2001 MHz with 1023MB RAM Video: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT (5822) Assertion failed...
  2. snake byte..

    screenshots not working

    up till 3 days ago all was well with screenshots. now when i take a screenie it is totally black? I have the latest drivers and not changed any settings, installed or uninstalled anything.. please help..:( btw my graphic card is a gt6600 checked and no heat problems either..
  3. snake byte..

    key bindings ?

    well all was well up till last night joined a server started to play. i went to go prone nothing happened.. thought it was a bug with that server so i went to another server same thing. so i checked my key binds all was as before, i use mouse button 4 to go prone it was still the key in the game...
  4. snake byte..

    Who Do You Think Will Win This World Cup...

    well guys it's nearly that time again. for all you guys who do not know, the world cup is being hosted by germany one of the nations that has dominated the competition over the years.. this world cup is shaping up to be a cracker and i as a scotsman have no team at the world cup again so looking...
  5. snake byte..

    All The Best To All At Tripwire

    on such a monumetious day for all at tripwire we the community, that you have so served in the past. wish you all the best for the launch of red orchestra ostfront: see you on the battle field, and again i hope this is just the start..
  6. snake byte..

    loading times retail box v steam

    can anyone tell me if there will be any difference in the loading times between steam and the retail box. or do you have to go through steam every time you load the mp game. as i would rather give the devs the cash via steam and pre-load it?
  7. snake byte..


    can anyone please tell me what medals were awarded by the russians and germans during the eastern front campaign?
  8. snake byte..

    freebies or not?

    is it true that to increase realism, the ro.ostfront retail box will include uniforms. 1 german and 1 russian (1 size fits all) and 1 medal to be awarded by yourself to yourself for a sucessful campaign. what do you think should be included? ;)