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  1. Skew

    Quick question, does anyone know if ships (hand) watches to Denmark? doesn't.:p
  2. Skew

    Winter War

    I need to present a small presentation tomorrow about the Winter War, and apart from the research I've done myself, I was wondering if someone could give me some hints and facts regarding the conflict, numbers and locations are especially appreciated, thanks!
  3. Skew

    [Game] 64 or 32 bit?

    I have no clue what the differences are, I guess the technology went past me when it was introduced, and now both seem like standards. My question is, is there any significant advantage to Vista 64 bit over Vista 32? And what exactly are the differences? Is Vista 64 not compatible with older...
  4. Skew


    Can anyone recommend some Lovecraft novels or short stories for someone who has never read his work before?
  5. Skew

    [Game] Morrowind plugins

    Can anyone recommend some essential game play and graphical plugins for Morrowind (+ Tribunal and Bloodmoon) that don't conflict with each other?:) I played Morrowind some 4 years ago or so, on the Xbox, but haven't had the chance since then, as my Xbox failed not so long after I completed the...
  6. Skew

    Are you mapper? Be afraid, be very afraid!
  7. Skew

    Danish Dynamite

    Are any Danes in RO interested in establishing a Danish team to fight in Nations cup and elsewhere? Leave a post here, or add me to Xfire or MSN! Xfire: deathgrind MSN: PS: If you happen to know any Danes through your clan or elsewhere, please ask them to view this...
  8. Skew

    Overview map arrow

    I have a hard time finding the arrow on grassy open maps. I don't know if it has to due with me being colorblind or not, but I'd like if there was an option to change the color of the arrow, maybe from a table or something similiar.
  9. Skew

    Nexuiz It's a free game, kinda paced FPS quake 3-estique with great graphics and fun gameplay. Give it a try!
  10. Skew

    RO tank wallpaper(s)

    I just mixed this together in about 10 min time, it's the T-34/85 on Arad. I will add some more soon, until then, anyone have some interesting RO wallpapers aswell? :) And maybe some suggestions how to improve this wallpaper? Tools: Paint.NET Red Orchestra...
  11. Skew

    Is BF2 deluxe edition worth it?

    I'm assuming I'd be playing those realism modifictions. Do you guys think it's worth it?
  12. Skew

    Stupid question probably

    I recall OpenGL being available in RO, but I can't see it in my render drop down menu now. Do I need to download it first, or did you remove support for OpenGL?
  13. Skew

    Who's the narrorator in the RO tutorial movies featured on Steam?

    What the title said.:p
  14. Skew

    Neuraxis looking for a home (again)

    This time I get my own thread! After playing World of Warcraft for about 2 months, I've decided to quit in favor of a challenging game. I was the Russian realism unit, 7th Guards Army until it disbanded. During my World of Warcraft months, I've also played in the Iron Crescendo tournament. I...
  15. Skew

    Help me remember

    I'm trying to remember a game similiar to the Caeser games, but the game is set in ancient Egyptian. Does anyone know the name of this game? I recall the game is similiar to Caeser 3 and had that kind of 2D angeled view aswell.
  16. Skew

    Norsk lag i Nations league

    Kom s
  17. Skew


    These people probably failed geography class. :D
  18. Skew

    Laugh of the day

    Mothers Day
  19. Skew

    Banned from irc

    Whenever I try to connect to #redorchestra at gamesurge, it says the address is banned, despite I've never even been on the server!:(:confused:
  20. Skew

    Looking for dedicated European realism clan

    I'm quite confused of which clans are European or not, and now that 7GA is dead, I'm searching for a realism clan whose majority of members are Europeans.