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  1. Nezzer

    RS OtoriShima needs more reinforcements

    I played that map a few times tonight, and in every single round, both teams were already depleted halfway through it. Only the first half of the map is being used, basically. I think some 600 reinforcements for each team should be enough, and give the map 10 more minutes as well. Other than...
  2. Nezzer

    Joining as a spectator

    Any RO1 vet must remember the trick to join full servers by joining as a spectator and waiting for someone to leave while spectating others. I used to do this all the time and it spared me from having to refresh the browser hundreds of times before I could join a full server. But now in RO2, if...
  3. Nezzer

    Has anyone ever managed to download a map with the Workshop?

    With a 10MB connection, I left RO2 on the main menu for half an hour downloading DieBresche and nothing happened. I didn't know how fast I was downloading or how much of it I had downloaded or if I was even downloading at all. Does the downloading function of the workshop work at the moment...
  4. Nezzer

    About Ranked and Unranked servers

    When was the last time any of you clicked on the Unranked tab to look for a server? We all know turning your server unranked is commiting servercide, as nobody will join it. Probably not because it's unranked, but because it's on a separate and forgotten tab of the server browser, where nobody...
  5. Nezzer

    The new spawn on squad leader function

    So, Yoshiro said that now spawn on SL is a server option. Well, I have to say I really like that. One of the main reasons I prefer classic over realism is because it has no spawn on SL, and I hope to see many realism servers turning it off. But a server that turns it off becomes a custom server...
  6. Nezzer

    An alternative to lockdown

    Tripwire has always said the purpose of lockdown is to end those matches where the attackers are getting slaughtered, going nowhere, which means it's supposed to be a relief for the attacking team. Even though with all the improvements made, which definately made it much better, it still works...
  7. Nezzer

    What happened to Mamayev_Neutral?

    I don't know why it didn't make it into the full game. I really liked that version of the map :(
  8. Nezzer

    The Panzer IV is the new T-34

    For months we complained about how weak the T-34 was and how easily it was raped by both AT rifles and PzIVs. Now I have to say it's actually good, being less vulnerable to AT rifle fire, with the frontal sloped armour actually being significant and even deflecting enemy rounds sometimes, so...
  9. Nezzer

    Unreal Engine 4

    I think it deserved its own thread. Unreal Engine 4 - GT.TV Elemental Demo Showcase - YouTube And just to make sure it's not CGI: Unreal Engine 4 - GT.TV Exclusive Development Walkthrough - YouTube Looks pretty badass. I hope they keep it as accessible to the modders as the previous Unreal...
  10. Nezzer

    Option to disable morale, cap and level up music

    Please, let us disable them if we want to. They are really, really annoying and play way too loud. In fact, they are louder than gunfire and explosions, at least on my end, and I play with music turned off. Being forced to listen to it sucks. That's all I have to say.
  11. Nezzer

    [Error] Some minor bugs of the last update

    -Sometimes we can still win and lose at the same time in the end of the map -The vote map screen is still not working properly, with the map with most votes always disappearing from the voted maps area -Sometimes music plays very loudly for no reason at all, and it's not the morale music, even...
  12. Nezzer

    Server map rotation

    Something I miss from Ostfront was being able to see the map rotation of the server by pressing F2. At the moment we have to load the next map to see which one it is, and, well, that sucks :p Maybe TWI could give us that feature back. It doesn't seem really complicated to implement, you are just...
  13. Nezzer

    Are the Germans ever getting proper winter clothing?

    The lack of winter clothing for the Germans is something that's been bugging me since ROOST. I've never minded it that much, since there some of them would be given greatcoats and there were plenty of skin mods. Now that I played the last version of Mamayev Kurgan I think it's become a lot more...
  14. Nezzer

    Strange sounds - Fact or Fake?

    For those that haven't heard about it, here's a nice compilaton: Best ENHANCED AUDIO of Strange Noises Heard Around the World The HUM Sonidos extraños 2012 - YouTube I bumped into some of these videos a few days ago and it looked like another hoax, but people all over the world are claiming...
  15. Nezzer

    [Info] Reproducing the possible cause to the hit detection bug

    Since nobody paid attention to my post in some other thread, I'll post it here. A friend and I did some tests: pick the lvl 50 PPSh, put it on semi-auto and take cover behind something. Now blindfire, but instead of clicking once, hold the mouse button for a few seconds and it'll look like...
  16. Nezzer

    Ranked and unranked servers on the same list

    We can already filters servers, so why separating them? The unranked servers are completely dead because of it. Right now they wouldn't attract many players anyway, but what about after mutators are released? People wouldn't be aware of them because they wouldn't bother looking at the unranked...
  17. Nezzer

    [Error] Floating bricks on Pavlov's House

    It's a minor issue, but it should be reported anyway :)
  18. Nezzer

    Why no 3D VOIP?

    Is it hard to implement? Is it against some RO principle? Because in my eyes it would improve the teamplay IMMENSELY on pub servers. I know this has been suggested several times, but now that the game's out we have a better view on how such feature would be in-game. It's completely different...
  19. Nezzer

    New update?

    I'm downloading a 2,4GB file on Steam, but everyone I ask says they aren't downloading anything. I haven't changed any file of the game except for ROEngine.ini and I have downloaded all the patches released so far. Weird :p
  20. Nezzer

    Slow death accuracy

    I spent the last two hours testing with a friend some mechanics of the game. We were 200m from each other in Pavlov's House. He shot me in the stomach and put me on slow death mode, but I still managed to shoot him back and score a 200m kill after three seconds in slow death mode. Returning fire...