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    Can someone identify the map in these screenshots?

    I have made a post in the bug report but I forgot to write down what map I was on at the time.. Might be hue city - But I'm not sure. An I.D would be appreciated, here are the screenshots: (This first pic is an exploit I am reporting, not a normal viewpoint)...
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    Exploit to access advantageous spot inside mesh

    EDIT: Map is Hue City I climbed to the roof of this small building and then I found I could climb over a wall (that probably shouldn't be climbable), and into a roof mesh of the building next door. (no, you dont fall down to the ground!) From here I could easily shoot Americans and be hidden...
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    POLL: Should being shot make it hard to return fire immediately?

    Too many times in RO2 have I been shot, for example, in the hands or maybe a non-critical hit to the stomach or lungs, and then somehow I'm able to take aim and shoot back accurately BEFORE I even bandage! Surely if you take a serious wound to the hand/arm, or a fairly dangerous hit in the...
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    RS Digital Deluxe unlocks mandatory?

    I bought the DDE for Ro2 all those years back, and found that I was a little disappointed not to be able to unlock some weapons, that they were unlocked for me. Is there / will there be any way for me to buy the DDE (mostly to support TWI) but to reset my unlocks to normal? Also I hear...
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    New Stalingrad content idea

    I recently discovered a German weapon that, it turns out, was used in Stalingrad. It's called Dora. Since the wiki says this was used in Stalingrad, it seems obvious that we should be able to call in a Dora strike. I think the way it should be...
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    Commissar's House balance

    We all know what I'm going to say. A. 'A' used to be a cap that was basically free. Perhaps TOO easy then. Now, every time I play, I see A take over 10 mins to be taken and kept, if it happens at all. (this is on 64p servers, FYI) Germans just get in the building too quickly and can hold the...
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    Cover issue

    Cover here in Propaganda House courtyard does not function correctly; using the cover system makes you more exposed than simply crouching. Obviously 1st image is crouched, 2nd is in cover. This is not using the peek, this is simply idle in cover.
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    Tank Crewmen Spawning

    Forgive me if this has been discussed, I've been around for a long while and not seen any threads on the matter: Tank Crewmen. Why, when the tank has already spawned, can a new crewman not take over a Bot crewman's role, and spawn inside the tank? No other class has to wait for someone to die...
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    More transparency from Tripwire?

    It is my opinion that very many gamers, particularly those who've never visited this forum, misunderstand RO2 in many ways. For example, the zoom feature is designed to approximate human vision distance, and therefor extend firefight range to real life levels. How would newcomers know this...
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    That damn ladder in Pavlov's House

    The one that takes you from the bottom floor of D into the middle of a corridor. I usually get to the top and then want to turn around and head down the hall I just climbed into, but unless I sprint and jump over the damn thing, then I usually get sucked back down the ladder! Is there...
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    [Question] MG Tracer bug (tanking)

    I have noticed recently, that it my MG tracer in tanks seems to drop far below the actual path of the round. Anyone else noticed this at all?
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    Help! StuG variants in Stalingrad, and quantity?

    I've seen confirmation that there were some unknown quantity of Ausf F, and certainly of some short-barrel StuGs. I've trawled through google but I cant find figures that would indicate how common the Ausf F was (in stalingrad) relative to earlier models deployed. Also I don't know which Ausf...
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    Grenade sounds

    I am a big fan of RO2, even as member of the RO:OST demographic that is apparently so hard to please. However one of my first disappointments in RO2 was volume, most notably, the grenades. The grenades are never significantly loud, and too quickly become inaudible with range and occlusion...
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    My RO SDK is unusable because the properties window wont open!

    I've even reinstalled it to no avail
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    Tanking; and 'one-man-tanking' in ROHOS - hopefully with a POLL

    This is about when, especially in maps like Arad and Orel, (if thats the huge tank map i'm thinking of) single players drive off in a tank and perform gunner, driver and even MG roles all on their own. There usually isn't much disadvantage to this tactic, and it's annoying to have your whole...
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    Let's play A roleplaying game

    OK here's my idea: Red Orchestra: heroes of stalingrad has either 1) got more screenshots, media and info OR 2) come out What do you do? Don't hate too much I love TWI and am just joking.