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  1. ultraZ

    Are we there yet?

    I have played for years in battle for europe and iron cred Are we at the point that we can have a germany, poland and russian territory maps? how long to get there if ever? problem from what i can see is no combined arms. russia is fricking big. we could do this all in the old verson. please help
  2. ultraZ

    RS please fix this

    I own the digital delux vesion of ro2 and i get this to this : Your transaction failed because you are trying to buy a game that requires ownership of another game you do not currently own. Please correct the error and try again.
  3. ultraZ

    People with fuzzy AA and blury textures

    OK, I only have an AMD/ATI card 7970 OC to 1200MHZ I run at 5760, but the fuzzy on sights and textures can be fix. In the game options turn off AA. Then in your video control panel, turn on 2xEQ AA and force override, still use MSAA unless you have a beast card or you use a lower rez. I also...
  4. ultraZ

    messed up steam puchase

    Ok I screwed up and got the standard version, without reading that it did not include the beta how can i cancel on steam and get the upgraded version? any help is appreciated.
  5. ultraZ

    3.SA is please to anounce the battle for Berlin & Stalingrad Nite.

    Date: every Saturday 7 PM EST: 2400 GMT (I hope this is the correct EU time) Server: 3rd Shock No BS Server Settings: Hardcore: no: kill messages no: class info no: reinforcement info no: cap info or messages, only cap bar no: auto tk kicks, but will be well moderated no: score info until...
  6. ultraZ

    A call to all russian realism players IC need you

    O'k Ive been a general at BFE the tournment admin and all around player. Im looking for a good balanced battle. Well I have been recruited to be the general for the Germans we will be the 20Pz. What I want to see is the 3rd shock army and the 188 to join the Russians. I want an epic battle...
  7. ultraZ

    BFE-RO OST Reg now open

    Registration for BFE is now open The Tournament is open to everyone and is free. Some of the aspects of BFE: "Everyone is on VOIP" "Your able to join an army and fight for your motherland / fatherland" "You can rise through the ranks" "Full Strategic and taticial...
  8. ultraZ

    BFE RO Needs a General

    I hope this is on topic, it is kinda important. This is a copy of an email I sent out today to all member and ex-members from the last campain. Hello all BFE Players. We cannot Start puting together a new campaign untill we find a russian general. This person does not have to be a BFE...
  9. ultraZ

    DEV can we ensure Xfire support

    I use Xfire all the time to check servers, find friends and join games can we get you to include this support from the day of release. It would show your a class act. thank you.
  10. ultraZ

    Server Features

    Im hoping to see some of the server mutators built into the server client on the retail version. Things I would like to see for Tourney/Clan play. A built in screen blanker (Black out deathcam) that allows spectators and/or utv to watch/record the match. It would help admins, ladders &...