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  1. Stern1900

    coldsteel comments

    Hej ho we run at our server coldsteel in the first burn time. Performance looks fine.New objektives are ready on start. Some information help to clean the redirecetion edit your ROEngine.ini Core.System] StaleCacheDays=0 MaxStaleCacheSize=99999 MaxOverallCacheSize=99999 to find RoEngine.ini...
  2. Stern1900

    Redirected Problems

    Most clients crashed on download to desktop. When they try connect to the server, the server show paused. Only restard steam would be help.
  3. Stern1900

    Redirected dont work

    This is the message for client user "Error opening file"
  4. Stern1900

    [How Do I?] Redirected

    Did any now how redirected work in RO2. 1. what entries is needed in what file 2. is redirected folder posible at the same machine where the game is hosted 3. is uz compress required 4. any folder structur. I remember that ogledow have a new folder.
  5. Stern1900

    team ready for clanwars

    Is team ready posible to activatea at this time. Some server have this feature.
  6. Stern1900

    Lighting needs to rebuild

    Game dont crash our else
  7. Stern1900

    Reinforcementa goes -1

    Server schows -1 f
  8. Stern1900

    Steam Error

    Linux Debian 4.0 Server full updated At this morning the client tell me that a steam error agree. So I will check the server with webinterface, no connect. Next check prozesses on the server, ucc-bin run. In the server log I found Log: STEAMAUTH : Sending updated server details - The...
  9. Stern1900

    Server crashed on some times

    OS: Linux Debian 4.0 Found this in the kernel log ucc-bin-real[5142]: segfault at 0000000000000008 rip 00000000f3322b85 rsp 00000000ffd6ce00 error 4 ucc-bin-real[8939]: segfault at 00000000088c6270 rip 00000000085e0a0e rsp 00000000fffcb120 error 7
  10. Stern1900

    Kick and ban settings

    We have this settings Friendly fire kill limit 22 Friendly fire damage limit 800 Friendly fire scale 0,2 FF explosive scale 0,5 sesssion ban Problem ist after three TK, the gamer become a session ban. The server starts with this command RO-Konigsplatz.rom?game=ROGame.ROTeamGame...
  11. Stern1900

    Berlin wants to sell church with Nazi signs

    Sorry its only in german babelfish translate...
  12. Stern1900

    New Posters for RO-Maps
  13. Stern1900

    How to cook the perfekt steak