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  1. Lorkenpeist

    How do I use emotes?

    I just got an emote drop and unlocked it, but in the inventory screen I don't see a way to equip it, only recycle. How do I use them?
  2. Lorkenpeist

    9mm isn't a SWAT perk weapon?

    It grants XP for kills/assists, but not bonus XP for clots. Also, Tactical Movement doesn't work with them. Knife, on the other hand, works just fine for both bonus XP and Tactical Movement. Bug, or intentional?
  3. Lorkenpeist

    Just got my first Exceptional item drop!

    Not from a crate or anything, it just dropped! Now I know that you don't just get common/uncommon from non-crate drops. Although really it shouldn't have taken this long... Or is that because of the drop rate changes that came out recently? If so, thanks! Trying to decide whether to keep it...
  4. Lorkenpeist

    SS skills can trigger zed time???

    I just looked through all the new perk skills in the beta, and I noticed that the level 25 SS skills now say that headshots have a 5% chance to trigger zed time. That wasn't there before was it? I think that sounds pretty sweet, and maybe other perks should have unique ways to trigger zed...
  5. Lorkenpeist

    favorite weapon lines?

    Does anyone know where I can find a compilation of each character's favorite weapon lines? Like how Donovan Neal says "I'm going to nail you all" when he pulls out the nail gun during trader time. I want to always play each perk with a "compatible" character, but I don't know who all likes...
  6. Lorkenpeist

    Negative damage, are you using 2 byte ints?

    So in pretty much every game I play as Sharpshooter, the after action report says I did negative damage with the Winchester. I always use it for all 10 waves, so at about 50 shots per wave, 100 damage per shot, over 10 waves, I would expect 50,000 damage. If you're using 2 byte ints to track...
  7. Lorkenpeist

    Did the item drop rate change?

    I thought item drops were once a week resetting every Thursday. But after the daily drop weekend (in which I got an item every day) I got one this Thursday (expected) and also today (Sunday). Did the drop rate increase? I also noticed yesterday that I was getting double experience for a...
  8. Lorkenpeist

    Which grenades are affected by Siren Resistance?

    The Siren Resistance perk says that your grenades bypass sonic damage. My question is, what counts as a grenade? Aren't all of the Demo weapons' projectiles technically grenades? And the Demo's "grenade" is actually dynamite so... Is it everything? Just the dynamite? Everything except the...
  9. Lorkenpeist

    Difference between parrying and stumbling?

    I thought that parrying stumbled zeds. Apparently there's a difference. Can somebody please explain to me what the difference is?
  10. Lorkenpeist

    Pulverizer in real life?
  11. Lorkenpeist

    My worst nightmare

    It finally happened. Last night I had a KF2-related nightmare. I dreamed that Yoshiro posted the patch notes for the first content update, and the only change to Berserker was renaming one of the useless perk skills. He was like "Berserker's not broken, you're just playing it wrong!" Yes...