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  1. Boltte

    KF2 unusually high commit charge?

    Check attachments for screenshots. Not sure if it's a YOU problem, but maybe it is.... First image shows me running the game, and after some time, it crashes due to *out of memory* error. Second screenshot shows it running stable IF I exit out of all my active no web browsers...
  2. Boltte

    KF Contant Crashing between 4/8 servers.

    So you don't want perk spawned weapons and to penalize hijackers? Heh I'm fine with perk spawned weapons(if that's what you meant by "I forbid the non-return of player weapons", for hijackers I just remove the vote kick option completely - that way it's impossible to steal any of my servers...
  3. Boltte

    No wonder my game banner signature isn't displayed properly.....

    So, apparently my signature uses bbcode which isn't allowed.....why would you dis-allow this?! Also, is it me or does switch to different forum styles other than "Use Forum Default" does nothing or I don't see any noticeable changes?
  4. Boltte


    Have you got a more updated, possibly final/finished version of this map in KFO format? I think the one I got was from here which was stated: Is this your KFO format version or did someone port it to KFO format? This map looks great and it seems to be the first KFO map(that I remember playing...
  5. Boltte

    KF KF-SteamyTestMap

    Well yes that's true....I didn't look at the entire page(ie scrolling down further to check it out) before translating, all I saw was a bunch of gibberish that I can't read so I naturally turn to Google Translate to translate for me....Smile :)Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) :rolleyes:
  6. Boltte

    KF KF-SteamyTestMap

    I seem to have a problem with google translate.......see attachment. Google fail as you can see. Guess I'll need to do manually.....interesting enough that Google thinks it's all English.....well not my English that I can can try it yourself to see if it happens for you or...
  7. Boltte

    Nvidia Flex crashing the game?

    Hi, I don't think anyone has this problem(yes I used the search function for "Nvidia flex crashes" and no relative results to my issue), but for me, only on my laptop, my tower is fine, the last time I enabled gibs and fluid, when I join a game and then someone or I shoot a zed, the game just...
  8. Boltte

    KF Community/Fan/Modder's update pass 1065?

    Hi, I'm not sure if this has already been discussed before(however I haven't across something like this before in my relatively short and quick search), but seeing how Tripwire has mostly abandoned Killing Floor 1 (KF1) now that Killing Floor 2 (KF2) is out and that I recall somewhere on steam...
  9. Boltte

    Error, Unrecognized type 'ServerColorActor' Compile aborted due to errors.

    Hi, kinda new to all this - stole the code from somewhere (post #12) (Heeheehee - well their download links were all dead anyways, fortunately the author left with the code so I *should* be able to compile it myself). It just tells me this error: And then doesn't compile. What's wrong with...
  10. Boltte

    KF Redirect problem?

    Hi, I've just notice that some maps(whilst testing some maps using my home dummy server as I was gonna upload to the dedicated one), even though they are already uploaded to the re-direct server, they don't seem to download through there but instead straight from the game server(or I think it...
  11. Boltte

    KF Log chat?

    Hi, wondering if there was a mut/script that lets me log anything and everything that's typed through TeamSay and Say from any and all players who join the server, just like how there's a server.log file to log the server running and stuff, but unfortunately it doesn't log TeamSay or Say as...