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  1. Roman Elite

    When in a Bunker

    I was thinking that when inside a bunker it would be a cool effect if under artillery fire or intense shelling from a tank that dust and ceiling particles would fall on the players helmets making a slight pinging noise-of course that would mean players wearing soft covers would not have this...
  2. Roman Elite

    Error: C++ Library Runtime Error (Tried to use Directions on the Stickied thread)

    Error: C++ Library Runtime Error Fix1: 1. Verify your cache steam://validate/1200 <-- Use this link Fix2: For SDK users 1. Remove SDK from your system, including the .gfc's related to it 2. Verify cache 3. Reinstall SDK I've attempted to use Fix1 with absolutely no luck and I don't even have...
  3. Roman Elite

    Next RO Patch?

    Can we actually expect another RO patch? I heard that we were to have support until the end of this year, so mabye that means that there will be a final patch this winter perhaps? I mean ffs they still haven't added the Maus and the IS-3.
  4. Roman Elite

    4. SS-Polizei-Panzergrenadier Division Recruiting

    Hello from the 4.SS Polizei Panzergrenadier Division! We are a division of the newly created Axis International Organization that is a group of players who enjoy playing on the Axis side of realism games. The 4. SS-Polizei-Panzergrenadier-Division is a historical realism unit looking for...
  5. Roman Elite

    Early War combined arms level

    My dream map: A map similar to Bondarevo. But slightly larger like Arad with lots of expansive wheat fields and fields for good early war tanking. Except the difference here is the tank load out could be like this: Allies: (4x) BT-7 (in some future patch hopefully) (1x) KV-1S (2X) BA-64 (yes...
  6. Roman Elite

    MG Barrel Changing

    Okay here's a few questions: What do you do when you run out of machine gun barrels? -You can't seem to re-supply yourself with them after going to ammunition crates -other people can't give them to you either (unless another MG gives you his in which case he will not have any) Is there...
  7. Roman Elite

    RO: Asia Front

    Ok who says the Red Orchestra must be confined to Eastern Europe against the Axis? I say not. For an expansion pack idea I have been toying around in my head for a while perhaps we could see the Soviet Union battle against the Empire of Japan in the 1939 era and 1945's breakthrough of China...