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  1. PsychoPigeon

    VNTE-Con Thien

    Steam Workshop: Link Direct Download: Link
  2. PsychoPigeon

    TE-Volga Banks *Released*

    Today with Tripwire's blessing I'm releasing the map originally created for the WWII prototype that was being tested for Rising Storm 2. It's been painstakingly re-purposed to work in RO2. It seemed a shame for it to go unplayed, so I thought I'd make the effort to put it into the hands of the...
  3. PsychoPigeon


    Territory version of Operation Sledgehammer - featuring new objective areas and a Huey for M60 support. PAVN troops fight up hill to attack a remote jungle base. Attackers: PAVN Defenders: US Army Round Time: 25 Minutes Direct Link...
  4. PsychoPigeon

    What Map Would You Want To See?

    I'm not promising the map would get made, but I'm curious what scenarios you would like to see as a map that would stand out from the selection already in the game at the moment. My top picks would be ARVN based since there's a lack of them but with so much story left to tell. Highway 1 -...
  5. PsychoPigeon


    This is a completely revamped Supremacy Hue City, allowing both teams to push and pull through the entire map using the Territory layout of objectives, plus some new additions. For balance reasons a new objective has been created on the U.S side of the map, giving each team 3 objectives within...
  6. PsychoPigeon

    VNTE-Da Nang Air Base

    A year ago I started work on a large-scale TE map, with the U.S Marines defending the Da Nang Air Base against a Viet Cong attack. Due to other commitments I had to postpone development, but last month I picked it up again to take it the rest of the way. ​ Based on a real portion of the...
  7. PsychoPigeon

    Cua Viet

    Story Forward Spawning For those interested, this is how the spawn system works for Supremacy in this map. The spawns are tied-in with the objective links, so your most furthest objective that is still connected to your Home Base will have a spawn attached. This spawn has a volume around it...
  8. PsychoPigeon

    SU/SK Operation Sledgehammer

    Description: Operation Sledgehammer is a single objective 64-player Supremacy map that sets both sides attacking a bombed-out remote jungle base where MACV-SOG have been monitoring activity along the Ho Chi Minh trail. The goal is to create fun, 20 minute rounds, where players can rack up some...
  9. PsychoPigeon

    RS Vietnam Walkabout 2017 (I Corps)

    Last month (June) I visited Vietnam again, having been in 2015 for my own research trip, I really wanted to get back and see more. In 2015 I visited II, III, and IV Corps. This time I primarily stayed in I Corps to see a lot of the places I'd read about for years now and I was not let down. Out...
  10. PsychoPigeon

    RO2 WF-Carentan

    This is a blocked out relatively rough version of Carentan, I'm planning on getting new assets made, but for the time being your feedback on gameplay would be useful. It's a 3 objective all open map, attack and defend it how you want. Download: Carentan You need to install Western Front mod...
  11. PsychoPigeon

    Battle of Ap Bac (Vietnam)

    I visited the Ap Bac memorial while I was in the Mekong Delta, I'd read about the battle only briefly because of John Paul Vann who was advising the ARVN officer overseeing the action. Vann was a real interesting guy who had a lot of worthwhile insights into the war at the time. Anyway, a large...
  12. PsychoPigeon

    Plei Mei Special Forces Camp (Vietnam)

    I recently visited the site of the Plei Me special forces camp south of Pleiku and very close to LZ Xray in the Ia Drang valley. I spent a couple of weeks riding on the back of a motorbike through the Mekong up to the Central Highlands and this was the first time I felt connected to the war. In...
  13. PsychoPigeon

    RO2 Barrikady Factory

    This is a project I've been working on over several months in my spare time. It's actually a shelved Red Orchestra 2 map that Tripwire have allowed me to work on and finish. I had the pleasure of visiting the Tripwire offices and being a player of Red Orchestra I was interested in anything to do...
  14. PsychoPigeon

    What Commander Abilities Would You Have?

    What Commander abilities, if they're still part of the game, would you include? How would you bring out the asymmetry between the two sides? Historically the U.S had superior fire support so how would you make it fun for the other side?
  15. PsychoPigeon

    RO2 Tanking -Ost Front vs RO2

    What vehicle behavior do you prefer and why? The more simplistic system of Ost Front or more complex behavior of RO2?
  16. PsychoPigeon

    RO2 Ways to slow down gameplay and prolong firefights?

    Red Orchestra 2 in comparison to Ost Front and Darkest Hour is more accessible but in what way and by how much? What are the determining factors that make gameplay more fast paced than in the other two games and how can they be measured? I can't pin it down to just one function. I know that...
  17. PsychoPigeon

    RS Find me a WW2 Pacific scenario

    I have a concept for a map that is similar to the Front Lines game mode in Men of War Assault Squad. There is only 1 objective which is located at the end of the map, before it are 3 lines of defense. The idea is the attackers have to beat the clock and wear down defender reinforcements to get...
  18. PsychoPigeon

    RO2 What is your opinion about the new map?

    Post your feedback on what you like and dislike about the new map. Is it too small? Too large? Should it be like Barashka/Arad?
  19. PsychoPigeon

    RO2 Katyusha particle fx

    Rocket trail for the call in bombardment similar to how a command triggers flares, or just as a separate particle fx that can be placed in maps for atmosphere similar to 55 second point in this video
  20. PsychoPigeon

    RO2 Suggestions for future updates regarding server browser

    These issues are already known but it's worth mentioning them again in hope that in future updates there will be solutions. * You join a server, load the map, only to be kicked because during that time the server became full. A queue system would prevent this. This one annoys me the most and...