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  1. Swift-Brutal-Death


    This is DevaStation with alterations to allow low gravity without exploits. There may be a handful of odd bugs with the physics of dead zeds. If it makes you feel better I could say there are strange gravitational waves pulsing through the station that only affect dead zed biomatter :p...
  2. Swift-Brutal-Death


    This has been a lot of fun to work on, I hope you guys enjoy it. Easter Egg Hunt Raffle Information: Download via Dropbox: MODDB entry...
  3. Swift-Brutal-Death


    It's been a long time in the making. I hope you enjoy! Download Via DropBox: MODDB Entry Page: Video(Courtesy of 'One Man Gaming')...
  4. Swift-Brutal-Death

    Infernal Realm

    WIP This has been a monster of a project and I am happy to report that it is nearing it's completion.
  5. Swift-Brutal-Death

    After recent update Building Lights causes Bugsplat

    I tried a couple different maps. When I use build lighting the editor crashes. Any thoughts?
  6. Swift-Brutal-Death

    Question Regarding Map Contest

    Hey TWI, I have been discussing the mapping contest with a handful of mappers and players over the couple weeks and a couple quick questions have arisen with no clear answer. Regarding this statement as posted in the contest rules thread: "The maps will be judged in two phases based on the...
  7. Swift-Brutal-Death


    Final1-3 Map contains 3 distinct environments. City, subway, sewer. It's comparable size-wise to Burning Paris in terms of playable space. Found someone's quick runthrough of the map on youtube. He checks out a...
  8. Swift-Brutal-Death


    Upcoming Project I have a Steam group where I make announcements for testing events. If you want to participate in beta testing or just see the progress of various projects please join!
  9. Swift-Brutal-Death


    A quiet place. Mostly...
  10. Swift-Brutal-Death

    Giving away a copy of Killing Floor 2 for a logo design

    This is the best location I could think to post. It's a bit of shameless self promotion mixed with a give away. Please don't crucify me! I am looking for a logo for my steam group page as well as a logo I can use elsewhere (possibly for a website) The title is 'Swift Level Design'. I like...
  11. Swift-Brutal-Death

    Issues with dynamic shadows turning on and off by themselves

    I am having issues with static meshes. It's a very strange bug and I'm not sure what causes it. Sometimes I will turn off cast dynamic shadows on a static or group of statics and when I load the level up again in the editor they have turned themselves back on. Also, sometimes a static that I...
  12. Swift-Brutal-Death

    WIP DevaStation

    W.I.P. Title: KF-DevaStation Having always been a big fan of sci-fi horror what better way is there to pay tribute than by creating a sinister space base, soaked in blood and full of ZEDS? I have a steam group that will contain updates. If you want to get involved please join up and check...
  13. Swift-Brutal-Death

    Connection to host lost

    I cannot connect to any servers, local or foreign. When I select one I get the message "connection to host lost" 100% of the time. Not sure what's happening. Tried verifying game, reset my router, restarted computer, etc... Edit: So sorry, found similar problems posted in Support section...
  14. Swift-Brutal-Death


    Title: KF-DeleriumBeta1-4 Link: Size: Small/Medium Screenshots: I have a Steam group up which will serve as a hub of sorts for testing purposes as well as updates!
  15. Swift-Brutal-Death


    This project is the culmination of years and years of map making experience and finally being able to use an engine that can lend it's power towards bringing concepts to a very vivid level of detail. This is a hell of sorts, but I am not directly calling it a sequel to the first KF-Hell, this...
  16. Swift-Brutal-Death


    KF-Headquarters Workshop page: Mediafire link: Let me know about any exploits or glitches. Happy killing!
  17. Swift-Brutal-Death

    New Project

    Time has been spent off and on for many months working on this. Trying to create a unique KF environment. Beta release will be coming soon. Might look kinda slick with those new neon weapon skins.
  18. Swift-Brutal-Death

    KF KF-Heaven'sGate It has a very basic layout. Enemies come from one direction, there is one trader, there are four chambers that can be used as bunkers and welded. The spawn rate is very high to counter the heavily modded servers...
  19. Swift-Brutal-Death


    Link: Credits: Swift_Brutal_Death and Skell*