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    Enhanced Squad Leader Functions

    Please read this through carefully and don't just vote. Why? In the last few days I tried to play as Squad Leader sometimes and often people did not want to hear my commands and simply did what they wanted, which lead to 0% reinforcements and we lost. This happens on Stalingrad a lot, when the...
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    Unbalanced maps

    I have always been a fan of unbalanced games. This could be done with some maps: One side has tank support, the other side has to defend only with infantry and (if this will ever happen) AT guns. An example: Late war somewhere in Poland or eastern Germany Russia: 3 T34 + Infantry Germany...
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    Strange error: Banned from a Server without being banned

    Hi everybody, a friend of mine bought RO:O yesterday and tried to connect on my favorite server (the best ping and highest player limit in my area). However, he was banned. Unfortunately he never played there before and the admins of the server said that neither his name nor his steam id were in...