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  1. Phada

    [Mutator] No Extra

    Mutator: No Extra (KFNoExtra.u) Description: Remove all extra weapons and armor from perks at spawn/respawn. Download from MediaFire.
  2. Phada

    [Mutator] Only One Job

    This mutator will restricts the use of the Syringe and the Welder to their respective perk. Can also reduce the default amount of Grenades at spawn depending on the perk played. Final Update: 1 April 2011 -Added the Grenades amount reduction at spawn. -Removed the Knife restriction, as...
  3. Phada

    [Mutator] Nade Warn

    This mutator will show a big icon and danger text (optional) for all or only your own grenades at close range. Uploaded with - click here if the image doesn't show properly. Update #4: 5 April 2011 -No change, only corrected the icon transparency option description. Update #3...
  4. Phada

    How to replace KFHumanPawn with mutator?

    Is there a clean way to replace the default KFHumanPawn class with a mutator? I've tried to change Level.Game.DefaultPlayerClassName, this doesn't seems to work. The value is correctly applied but still spawning with KFHumanPawn.
  5. Phada

    Weapon & Specimen Stats (PDF)

    Hi, here is a document about the KF weapons & specimens entierely based on the SDK. There are a LOT of numbers/calculations and something can be wrong. All corrections and suggestions are welcome. Current Version: 1.61 (KF v1043) Table of contents: p.2~3 Ranged Weapon Stats p.4 Melee Weapon...
  6. Phada

    [GameRules] NetDamage Issue

    I am trying to reduce the damages instigated to zeds in some situations by adding a GameRules and using NetDamage. But the function doesn't seems to work at all. I think the ReduceDamage function is badly overwrited in KFGameType: ... if ( Monster(Injured) != None ) { if (...
  7. Phada

    [Mutator] No Big Guns

    Mutator: Items Remover (previously known as No Big Guns) Description: This is a remake of my previous mutator No Big Guns, this time you can remove ALL weapons (including syringe, welder and nades) 27 options in total, so everyone will be happy :p Let me know if there are any bug, this has been...
  8. Phada

    [Mutator] Patriarch HP left

    Hello, I've made a small mutator which do not change the gameplay at all, he simply adds a message in the chat window when your team wipe on the patriarch. Mutator: Patriarch HP Left (KFPatHPLeft.u) Description: Shows the remaining health of patriarch when the squad wipe. Status: Whitelisted...