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  1. Barrage o' Fail

    KF Help needed with bone rotations

    I've spent the past month working on getting a decent China Lake Grenade Launcher into KF, but I'm running into a problem where I'm getting different results between online and offline gameplay. I was nearly ready to release the thing weeks ago, until I realized I could make its alternate fire...
  2. Barrage o' Fail

    KF New Perk: Sub-Machine Gunner / Sub-Gunner

    EDIT: Didn't realize it already existed. I've got my version up to v9, and am mostly satisfied with how everything turned out so far. I altered the firing speeds and magazine sizes to reflect their IRL values, while the damage I basically sorted into tiers based on mag size, barrel length, and...
  3. Barrage o' Fail

    KF Custom weapon development help requested

    I'm stepping into new waters doing this, but after two months of trial-and-erring my way through a new project, I'm about ready to release it into the wild, but wanted to see if I couldn't get some help on the last few bits that keep nagging me. There's three specific things; custom perk...